46 of the best podcasts for curious minds

What is it? How to use your career to make a difference in the world

When? Once a week, plus the odd extra episode
How long? Two to three hours
80,000 Hours is a British organisation studying which careers can achieve the most positive impact on the world, and a lynchpin of that cluster of Oxford researchers, utilitarian thinkers, and bloggers à-la Dominic Cummings comprising the Effective Altruism movement. From its podcasts, expect a lot of philosophical debates on morality, metacognition, and global catastrophic risks – from climate change to rogue AI. Of course, they saw the pandemic coming months in advance
The Privacy, Security & OSINT Show with Michael Bazzell

What is it? The go-to podcast to learn everything about spying on other people online, while avoiding to be spied on
When? Every two weeks, plus the odd special
How long? Varies, but 45 minutes on average
Michael Bazzell – not his real name – says he worked for over a decade for the FBI’s cybercrime unit before pivoting to consulting, blogging, writing, and podcasting about being an online sleuth. In his fortnightly podcast he delivers a compact digest of tips and tools to dig up information about a person or organisation by weaponising everything from social media to credit score reports. The flip-side of that is, of course, what Bazzell calls ”extreme privacy”: making sure in every conceivable way that you are not exposing your information to internet voyeurs and cyber-criminals. Hence the episodes where Bazzell explains, in incredible detail, how everything around you is rigged to extract your personal information and turning it against you. That goes from data-guzzling loyalty card schemes, to borderline scenarios like hidden cameras in hotels – to the detection and neutralisation of which Bazzell devoted an hour-long episode. Bazzell’s style is conversational and relatable, and his tips are real gold if you are into online detective-work. But even for those who are not wont to investigate shady individuals via their TikTok profiles, the podcast offers a glimpse of the scope of potential cyber-threats we pass by every day without even realising, and of the quasi-paranoid lengths to which privacy-minded individuals are ready to go to keep out of harm’s way.
Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc.

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