9 Social Media Video Ideas to Modernize Your Corporate Communications

Coming up with social media ideas for your corporate communications can be tricky. You want to give your followers and employees the latest news from your company, but how do you keep it fresh and snappy? How do you keep producing high-quality content week in and week out? How do you get people to tune in?

It’s no secret — it’s video. Of all formats, video drives the highest reach and engagement across social media platforms. That’s why it’s no surprise brands are embracing the trend. Say hello to corporate video, with a fresh twist. Check out these 9 social media video ideas to add some sizzle to your content strategy.

1. ‘This or That?’ interview

Interview videos show the human side of corporate culture by giving employees a platform to express themselves. 

Simply film an employee as they answer a series of relatable ‘this or that’ questions about their preferences. Pop culture is a goldmine for questions: “Game of Thrones or Breaking bad?”… “Disney or Pixar?” 

Keep it spontaneous and don’t reveal the questions until the interview…Authenticity is key!

2. Product promo

Got a new product or feature in the pipeline? Build hype with a promo video by mixing together screen recordings, packshots, and a catchy soundtrack.

Turn a classic product promo from “old school” to edgy by creating a series of funny videos about ‘how to not use the product.’ Social media audiences love humor and off-the-wall videos can do a better job of promoting your product than any traditional method. 

3. Trending news

Whether it’s your company’s own breaking news or a reaction to a significant cultural moment, video is the perfect way to share your take on the action. 

Using a news format allows you to repurpose video, images, and soundbites quickly, and you’ll always have a fresh video to post if you’re running dry on content.

4. Behind the scenes

Give your followers a sneak peek of what’s really going on at your company.

Ask an employee to record themselves in selfie-mode as they create a ‘day in the life’ account of a typical workday. Or, give fans a taste of the secret sauce that goes into their favorite products with a ‘how it’s made’ video. 

5. Podcast teaser

With over a million podcasts on iTunes, promoting your podcast with a video could give it an edge and help you to reach a wider set of listeners. 

Insert a soundwave with your visual so your audience sees that you are promoting audio content. Choose an impactful extract from the podcast – a funny or surprising moment – that will encourage the audience to click through to listen to the rest.

6. FAQ

Rather than directing fans to an FAQ page on your website, create a question-and-answer video post for social media. For example, FAQ videos are a practical option for internal comms teams to communicate with employees about new remote-work policies.

You can create a series of videos based on particular topics, selecting key questions from each category. Top tip: film a member of your marketing team answering each question, to add a personal touch. 

7. Top 5

No time to create something from scratch? The ‘top 5’ format is ideal for quickfire content curation. Snackable content is trendy for a reason. Social media audiences love short-form entertainment, and they’re always hungry for more.

Pick a category such as ‘top 5 employee vacation destinations’ or ‘top 5 reasons to join our company.’ Then throw in some photos, clips, a little text, and your video will be ready to post within minutes.

8. Fan contributions

If your content schedule is running behind, let your loyal fan base give you a hand. You can repurpose their content, like a product review or testimonial, and create a video out of it. 

Host a contest to collect user-generated content, look out for videos your fans have posted organically, or reach out to influencers.

Give your fans a moment in the spotlight by tagging them, and even more followers will want to join in… everybody wins!

9. Results recap

Whether it’s the results of a recent survey, a high-profile project, or the number of attendees at your last virtual event, ‘results recap’ videos are simple and effective. 

Use photos and video clips to build a story with notable details about the event or project. Finish with key takeaways and concrete statistics, and don’t forget to include a CTA that will lead your audience to find out more!

Are you feeling inspired? Try PlayPlay’s 7-day free trial and create professional-looking videos – in minutes – to ramp up your corporate communications strategy.

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