A tale of tech and intrigue in the not-so-far future

3D printing gets a bad rap. The technology has revolutionised manufacturing in multiple fields – you can 3D print skeletal implants, bike helmets and complex parts for rocket engines – but many still consider it a gimmick.
The work EOS does is anything but. The manufacturing giant works with both polymers and metals to build intricate pieces of equipment that would be impossible without 3D printing technology. From titanium spinal implants personalised to each patient to lightweight aeroplane parts that help lower fuel consumption, the opportunities seem endless – they can even 3D print with gold.


To illustrate the radical capabilities of 3D printing, and how it will continue to seamlessly upgrade our lives in the future, EOS has created a choose-your-own-adventure story which will take you to the wildest reaches of Scotland, where something unsettling is said to be lurking.
WIRED is hosting the first chapter of this part-Blade Runner-part-Bigfoot tale. If you’re bold enough to follow the nail-biting journey to the end, click through at the bottom of this page to take your futuristic life into your own hands. Make your decisions wisely, or you could find yourself in trouble…

The year is 2040.You’re a keen holo-vlogger who enjoys covering Celtic Myths as much as you do Urban Legends. And you are about to head off on a trip to Lake Dìomhair, at the bottom of Scotland’s Clò-Bhualadair Valley, beneath the mountain, Ben Lèirsinneach. It is a place which, thanks to some strange new ‘monster’ sightings – accompanied by increasingly heated online debate – is rapidly gaining a reputation for seemingly supernatural occurrences…


The sun is setting, bathing your home office in a pallid orange light, when your smart-home assistant, announces a new alert.
“Good evening. Additional anomaly reported in Clò-Bhualadair. Please note this is the third such report in the last seven days.”
You ask your apartment’s AI to show you the location – and a semi-transparent monitor screen unrolls smoothly from the ceiling above your desk, then powers on to display a topographic map of the valley. A pulsing red spot appears close to the shore of Lake Dìomhair.


Ok, you think to yourself, it’s time. Got to make a move on this one.
All the sightings have been at night too, so if you’re going to make it to the lake before sunrise, you better get ready to leave now…
You begin packing your hiking kit, and head to the bathroom to put your augmented reality contact lenses in. “Hey. This latest sighting, was there any footage?”
“Checking. There was – playing now.”
The video starts rolling, with a see-through display appearing in the upper right hand of your vision.
“Woah, Kate you saw that too, right? Man that was fast, way too big to be a wolf too… and that noise… sounded like a deep hum, maybe? Or was it a growl?”
You watch the rest of the recording, which was posted with the headline of “Clò-Bhualadair Bear???” It doesn’t show a great deal, apart from the natural surroundings of the valley.
Still, this many separate, yet similar reports posted online so recently. Too much to be a coincidence.
“Hey”, you say to your AI, “Call me an Air Taxi.”


“Let’s go hunt ourselves a monster.”

Your Air Taxi awaits… To continue the adventure, click here

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