Facebook Launches New Business Equality Center to Provide Organizational Guidance

Facebook has launched a new ‘Business Equality’ resource center in order to help organizations increase their focus on diversity and representation within their every approach.

As explained by Facebook:

“Business Equality represents the actions businesses take to accelerate a more inclusive and diverse world. This includes taking steps to help accelerate inclusive representation in advertising and media, expanding economic mobility for diverse businesses, and making decisions around how we spend our time and money to support a more equal world.”

The new resource center includes stats, videos and informational tools on factoring in equality, as well as links to training and education resources.

Facebook Equality Center

The mini-site also includes Facebook’s Ads for Equality tool, which aims to help eliminate harmful bias in advertising.

Which is good, it’s helpful, and it definitely provides resources for businesses looking for assistance in re-structuring their approach. But I am a little skeptical about Facebook’s dedicated mini-sites which it sets up to address social issues like this.

For example, in the past year, Facebook has launched new mini-sites and resource platforms like this for:

Make no mistake, these are all worthy and relevant causes – but it does feel a little like a Facebook’s not going all-in on some of them, and that it simply puts together a mini-site to show its support for such, rather than working to address the key issues.

I mean, really, any action is better than nothing, so it’s probably a harsh criticism in this respect. But the social impact mini-site, and this new initiative, they feel a little ‘light on’ and more for PR purposes.

But then again, they do provide some good resources to help, and businesses that are looking to address these key areas now have another place to go for more information and assistance. 

You can check out the new Facebook Business Equality Center here

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