Facebook Launches New Guide to Help Businesses Celebrate LGBTQ+ Culture and Community

With Pride Month coming to an end, Facebook has published a new guide which outlines how businesses can show their support for LGBTQpeople beyond Pride Month alone.

As explained by Facebook:

“Pride Month is a chance for businesses and marketers to pause and consider how we can become better allies of the LGBTQ+ community. But the work is too important to end in June. When businesses speak out, people listen, and by spotlighting community voices, celebrating and upholding the value of LGBTQ+ lives, educating ourselves and others, and taking proudly public stances that show ongoing support for diversity and individuality we can seize the opportunity to nudge society toward greater acceptance and inclusion.”

The 21-page guide includes a range of stats and notes which underline the importance of supporting the LGBTQ+ and improving representation, in all forms.

Facebook Pride Guide

The guide also includes notes on how brands can contribute to improvement, and example case studies of businesses that have diversified their promotions. 

Facebook Pride Guide

These are important notes, and definitely, there’s a growing awareness of businesses that are simply adding a rainbow logo to their social profiles for the month of June, but are not actually taking any concrete steps towards improving representation or addressing these elements. 

In order to improve, real action is required, and this guide provides some helpful notes and pointers to consider in your approach. 

You can download Facebook’s ‘Forward with Pride’ guide here.

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