Facebook Launches ‘Summer of Support’ Program to Provide Digital Marketing Training to Businesses

With more businesses looking to shift their operations online in order to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 shutdowns, Facebook has announced a new, six-week series of digital marketing education courses, starting this week, in order to provide key tips, insights, information and support, primarily for SMBs.

As per Facebook:

We’re bringing free, digital marketing education to businesses all over the country. So join us for six weeks of digital training classes, insightful interviews with business experts, and presentations from renowned entrepreneurs – all to help businesses get back to business.”

The course elements are split into weekly focus areas:

June 24 — 28 – “The Changing World”

The world is in a state of accelerated change. It’s not just about the health crisis; innovation itself has put us in a permanent state of flux. For your business to succeed, it’s important to understand how to respond to this new reality.

June 29 — July 5 – “Resilience” 

Sometimes opportunity can look like a setback. The businesses that succeed are the ones that can turn a setback into a new way forward. Find out how to stay resilient in moments of change and how to turn downturns into opportunity.

July 6 — 12 – “Reinvention”

That one transformative opportunity might be just out of reach – and you might have to embrace reinvention to fully harness it. We’ll show you how remaking your business can help you unlock these new opportunities.

July 13 — 19 – “Re-Emergence”

Once a crisis ends, how do you enter into the new landscape? Successful re-emergence into the market means understanding which parts of your business to keep and what needs to evolve.

July 20 — 26 – “Customers & Commerce” 

If you’re an asset to your customers in times of uncertainty, you stand to gain in when the economy picks up again. Learn how to make your business essential, through customer-focused processes and smarter commerce.

July 27 — 31 – “Community”

Essential businesses help their communities stay strong and flourish. Learn how to keep your business a vibrant economic and social force within your community — however you define “community.”

All of the sessions will be run online, at the new ‘Summer of Support’ mini-site, with videos from each posted to the site, and further information shared on the Facebook for Business Page

The initiative is being run in conjunction with a range of partners, including Dell, PayPal, American Express and Small Business Roundtable.

It’s free, it will provide new insights and advice from Facebook’s own, internal experts, and it could help you maximize your digital efforts. Likely worth a look.

You can get more details about the sessions, and sign-up for reminders, here

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