Google Rolls Out AdSense Reporting Update with Improved UX and Mobile Support

Google has begun rolling out a new version of its AdSense Reporting dashboard, which focuses on making the available insights easier to access, and visualize, while also enabling full mobile support.

As you can see in this screenshot (posted by Search Engine Land), the new layout provides a range of new on-screen buttons and display options, which are readily accessible from the main screen. That should make it easier for more users to understand their various options, and get more insights into results.

The update is similar to the Google Analytics update the company rolled out in 2018.

In terms of specifics, Google says that the new AdSense reporting dashboard includes:

  • A redesigned interface to make it easier to select date ranges, filters, breakdowns etc. Google’s also removed “metric families” and added a new metrics picker
  • Improved charts – “you can now display each data series on a chart with a single click”
  • Reporting is now mobile-optimized to provide the same improvements on desktop and mobile devices
  • Additional, in-product help when you hover over the information icons in the interface

As noted, it should make it easier for Google advertisers to better understand and analyze their ad performance – Google does note, however, that it’s rolling out the new format in stages, “so it might be a week or two before you see it in your own account”.

The new layout will be fully rolled out before the end of September, at which point the old format will be retired.

Google’s also limiting the available reporting data to three years for all AdSense products in order to improve the accuracy of its listings, while it’s also removing YouTube and AdMob data from AdSense reports. That could impact your reporting process, so it’s worth ensuring you keep updated on the changes, and assess their impact as they’re rolled out.

  • If you’re a YouTube publisher, you can use YouTube Analytics to monitor the performance of your channels, videos, and claimed content.
  • If you’re an AdMob publisher, you can visit the Reports page in your AdMob account.

Google says that the changes are part of its ongoing efforts to improve its reporting tools, and make it easier to determine the right, data-backed directions for your strategy.

In addition to these updates, Google’s also planning to upgrade its AdSense Reporting API in 2021, enhancing it with the more parameters and signals. 

You can read more about the AdSense Reporting updates here.

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