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Already been enticed by a shiny Apple One subscription? Or has the delayed addition of Fitness+ finally forced a reassessment? Either way, Spotify users tempted to make the switch need to know how to rescue lovingly curated playlists and place them in a new Apple Music home. Thankfully, it’s pretty simple to do.
The solution, which I’ve used myself to swerve the ever-increasing prices of streaming services by taking advantage of regular offers, comes from an iOS app called SongShift. This does exactly what you might expect. You simply need to give it access to your music subscriptions to easily shift your songs.


With a third-party app like this reliability may be of immediate concern. Your mileage may vary, as both Spotify and Apple Music feature an extraordinary amount of songs (many with different versions). However, in my experience, SongShift is extremely accurate, having only ever mismatched a single song.
While transferring from Spotify to Apple Music is the focus here, SongShift also supports YouTube Music, Tidal, Pandora, LastFM and more. The migration of songs can be made back and forth, too. So, if you end up wanting to switch back to Spotify from Apple Music, you can do that as well.
Download SongShift
First off, you’ll want to download SongShift from the App Store. Once you’ve got it, it’s as simple as selecting the supported music services you’re wanting to transfer to and from, then logging into each via SongShift.
Transfer your Spotify playlists
Once you’ve downloaded SongShift, the next step is to sign into the accounts that you want to transfer your playlists between. In this case, you’ll want to sign into Spotify and Apple Music via the SongShift app.


Once you’ve signed into each, click “Setup Source” and choose the playlist you’d list to transfer from Spotify. Then, select “Setup Destination” and choose Apple Music. Simply click “I’m Finished” next and the transfer of your precious playlists will begin.
Review your transfer
You can now review SongShift’s work to check if everything is in order. Select “Ready for Review” and you can then browse all the matches the app has made. If there’s a mistake, simply select the problem match and you can re-match by searching for the correct song. Click “Confirm Matches” when you’re all done and SongShift will create the new playlist in your destination.
That’s it. You’re switched. In an age of locked down ecosystems, it is admittedly surprising that there is still such a quick solution – so use it and value it while it’s around.
As mentioned, SongShift supports several other music apps beyond Spotify and Apple Music, too, helping you get all your tracks in one place. You can also send your latest playlists back the other way should you ever change your mind.


Also, keep in mind SongShift isn’t the only option for switching streamers. Alternatives include the likes of Soundiiz offering an in-browser experience if you don’t fancy downloading an app. The main advantage here is that Soundiiz has slightly more functionality if you’re a frequenter of multiple streaming services – like transferring from many accounts at once.
Making the most of your Apple One subscription
If you’ve recently got Apple Music because you’ve chosen to dive into a new Apple One bundle, you’ll likely have more available to you at your fingertips. Depending on which bundle you chose, you’ll be able to give Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News, extra iCloud storage and, for the most premium package, Apple Fitness+.
With the Individual and Family bundles, you’ll get Music, TV+, Arcade and iCloud storage for £14.95 and £19.95 per month respectively. The Family bundle gives you access to 200GB of storage compared to 50GB on the Individual, while it also lets you share all your app access with up to five other people – a great money saver if you’re a family of Apple users.
Fans of online workout classes or premium magazines, may want to stump up £29.95 per month for the Premium bundle. You’ll get access to the new Fitness+, News+ and a whopping 2TB of iCloud storage – and you can share this all with five other people, too.
Adam Speight is a product writer at WIRED. He tweets from @_adamspeight
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