Just the (genuinely) good Cyber Monday deals today

Keeping up? It’s Cyber Monday. Let us manage which day of which ‘event’ we’re on, you just figure out how to shop the sales without being an idiot. To help, we’ve compiled this edit of the best deals that just popped up for today and the most worthwhile discounts left over from Black Friday and the weekend (hence the logos).


Today’s best Cyber Monday deals
£50 off Urbanista London wireless earbuds | Now £79

What is it? We named the Urbanista London earbuds our WIRED Recommends ‘best wireless earbuds for affordable noise-cancelling’. Considering the competition, this is high praise. As well as that exceptional NC, you get lively, punchy sound and IPX4 waterproofing. The five-hour battery life isn’t the best, but this bumps up to 25 hours with the case.
What’s the real saving? This is £50 off the RRP. They were down to £99 on Amazon on Friday, but this is the lowest they have ever been on the site. If you go to Urbanista direct you can get another £2 off. But, as our review said, these earbuds “outperform the £129 asking price to an almost comical degree”, so getting a set for anything around this kind of money is a genuine steal.
Click here to save £50 on Urbanista London earbuds


£70 off the Blink Outdoor (two pack) | Now £110

What is it? The Blink Outdoor is part of WIRED’s favourite budget smart security camera system. With a compact design and Alexa integration, Blink cams are a cinch to set up and give you the basics of 1080p recordings with a 110 degree field of view. Plus the batteries can last up to four years: handy.
What’s the real saving? As Blink is an Amazon company it’s no surprise that this is actually a £70 saving – even though this model just now went on sale. You’re essentially getting two security cams for the price of one here.


Click here to save £70 on the Blink Outdoor (two pack)
Apple’s AirPods Pro are £20 off | Now £198

What is it? Apple’s AirPods Pro are one of our top recommendations for wireless earbuds. Intuitive to use with decent noise cancelling and a neater design than most rivals. If you don’t need the ANC, the AirPods 2 are down to £125, or £157 with the wireless charging case.
What’s the real saving? Amazon has sold the AirPods Pro for £218 in recent weeks – £208 on Prime Day – though the official RRP is £249. Amazon’s stock is in and out – AO and Laptops Direct also have this Cyber Monday £199 price.
Get the Apple AirPods Pro for £199
£200 off the Oppo Find X2 Pro | Now £799

What is it? The Oppo Find X2 Pro is one of the best phones of 2020. It offers a superb 6.7-inch screen, a great Qualcomm processor, good battery life and a true high-end 5x periscope zoom camera. You don’t often see such a diverse spread of features at under £800.
What’s the real saving? This phone cost £1,000 before its Black Friday price drop. But back when it launched in March 2020 it cost even more, £1,200. This should give you an idea of quite how high up the X2 Pro sits in the phone hierarchy.
Click here to get an Oppo Find X2 Pro for £799
£300 off a Razer Blade 15 | Now £1,099

What is it? The Razer Blade 15 has been reigned supreme among gaming laptops for some time, offering an impressive blend of minimalism and power. The combo has earned the Razer Blade 15 a spot on our Wired Recommends list for the best laptops around. This model provides you with an extremely capable team up of a 144Hz 1080p display, an Intel i7 processor, 16GB RAM and an Nvidia GeForce 1660Ti. Those looking for more power and storage can pick over £400 off the Razer Blade 15 Advanced right now too.
What’s the real saving? You’re getting a true hefty discount on the Razer Blade 15 right now, with it down £300 from its regular Amazon pricing. The deal looks even better given the premium Razer laptop was priced as high as £1,600 just at the end of August.
Click here to save £300 on the Razer Blade 15
£90 off a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro | Now £159

What is it? The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro is probably the most capable and classy phone you can get for £160 this Cyber Monday. It has a Gorilla Glass back and front, a Qualcomm 720G processor that can handle games like Fortnite just fine. And a huge 5,020mAh battery with fast charging that should last some of you two full days. Night photos won’t match those of a £500 phone, but the camera is otherwise good too.
What’s the real saving? This phone sold for £249 before Black Friday, making this possibly the most precipitous drop in a cheap phone this sale season. Amazon also sells the 128GB storage version (down to £199), rather than 64GB, but the deal on that version isn’t as good. The Redmi Note 9 Pro takes a microSD card if you need more space.
Click here to get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro for £159

Get this PC SPECIALIST Vortex ST-S Gaming PC – with the elusive RTX 3070 – for £1,300

What is it? This PC SPECIALIST Vortex ST-S Gaming PC comes equipped with one of Nvidia’s latest RTX 3000 series graphics cards. If you’ve been looking to pick one up, you’ll know they aren’t ten a penny right now. Currys has obliged, pairing the RTX 3070 with a Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and a delightful 2TB HDD for packing in all your treasured games.
What’s the real saving? This gaming PC monster is a new listing that’s just at Currys so there’s no discount here. However, Currys does sell a similar model to this Vortex ST-S with the older RTX 2070, which costs £100 more. The lack of availability for the new RTX 3070 greatly adds to the appeal of this well-priced product too.
Click here to grab the PC SPECIALIST Vortex ST-S Gaming PC for £1,300
£17 off a Fitbit Inspire HR | Now £60

What is it? Fitbit’s Inspire HR is our go-to affordable everyday tracker. Battery life is five days; it’s light, waterproof for swims, with heart-rate monitoring as well as steps, activity and sleep tracking. Don’t need heart rate monitoring? The basic Fitbit Inspire, down to £39, might do the trick.
What’s the real saving? This is already a great value fitness tracker. The Inspire HR has been down to £65 since the spring – £90 elsewhere elsewhere – and selling for around £80 on Amazon, so it’s really a £17 saving, rather than the £27 Amazon suggests.
Get a Fitbit Inspire HR for £60
Get an Anker Soundcore 2 for £28 | £13 off

What is it? The Anker SoundCore 2 is our best budget Bluetooth speaker right now. The sound quality is impressive for a speaker this size and price and with IPX5 waterproofing, it’s solidly built too with a nice, rubberised exterior. The real sell? An absolutely huge 24 hour battery life.What’s the real saving? This Anker sells costs £41 on Amazon. That £13 saving makes this speaker even cheaper than usual – it’s identical to the Prime Day price in October too so it won’t go lower.
Get the Anker Soundcore 2 for £28
£60 off a Huawei Matebook 14 | Now £689

What is it? The Huawei Matebook 14 is a power laptop that’s thin and light enough to be used as an ultraportable. It has the AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, which easily sails past the Core i5-10210U processor you might see in some laptops in this class. All that power means Huawei had to use better cooling, resulting in slightly above average 1.49kg weight. But if you want to edit video or use other demanding apps, the performance matters much more. It’s also attractive, with a sleek aluminium casing.
What’s the real saving? Huawei currently sells this laptop direct for £749. This is already a good buy, and the £60 saving makes the deal even better.
Get the Huawei Matebook 14 for £689

The best TV in 2020 – LG’s OLED65GX – is £200+ off | Now £2,299

What is it? The LG 65GX has tremendous picture quality and a stylish, sophisticated design. Given the slim chassis, it even sounds good too, with Dolby Atmos to boost. webOS remains our favourite smart TV system overall – this is the best TV you can buy right now.
What’s the real saving? Amazon sold this TV for £2,499 as recently as October and this deal is £200 on recent Amazon and Currys prices. This week you can take your pick with this £2,299 price from Currys, John Lewis and Amazon.
Click here to get the LG OLED65GX for £2,299
Cyber Monday smartphone deals
£30 off Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite | Now £199

What is it? The Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite nets you 5G for a penny under £200. It has a glass back, solid cameras and a large, high-quality screen. The day-to-day experience really isn’t too far off that of a top-end phone. That next-gen connectivity also means it will stay fresh for much longer than a slightly cheaper 4G alternative.
What’s the real saving? You may only get £30 off the previous price, but Xiaomi phones like the Mi 10T Lite were already extremely competitive on pricing. You can’t do much better, so £30 is actually a good cut for the cost-conscious.
Get a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite for £199
£100 off a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE | Now £599

What is it? The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G was released half a year after the original S20 range. It gets you much of the same substance, including an arguably superior Snapdragon 865 processor, at a lower price. Highlights include a 3x zoom, 120Hz OLED display and IP68 water resistance. The downside? It has a plastic back rather than glass, but that won’t matter if you use a case.
What’s the real saving? This phone is so fresh it hasn’t had a chance to sell for much below its original asking price. It has sold for £699 at Amazon since it arrived in September. A real £100 saving.
Get the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for £599
£40 off the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 | Now £139

What is it? The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 was already very good value for £180: a brilliant 6.53-inch Full HD screen, for the money, a huge 5,020 mAh battery and day-to-day reliability to rival the Moto G series. An overlooked Android gem.
What’s the real saving? This one is currently on sale for £149 from Xiaomi direct and, while Amazon has sold the Redmi Note 9 for £155 before – it’s a £180 price listed. So you’re getting £40 off, or at least £10-£16 on other recent low prices.
Get the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 for £139
£30 off a Pixel 4a | Down to £319

What is it? The Pixel 4a is Google’s more affordable 2020 phone. And it’s one we recommend to many, for one main reason. It has a class-leading camera: great at night, perfect during the day. You don’t get a zoom, or even an ultra-wide but it can capture images on-par with an iPhone 12.
What’s the real saving? This is a deal to get because you wanted the Pixel 4a in the first place. A £30 discount alone shouldn’t suddenly make you want to upgrade a phone you’re perfectly happy with. But we know plenty of people who were waiting to pull the trigger on a Pixel 4a earlier this month. The 5G model is also available at £449, a £50 saving.
Click here to get a Google Pixel 4a for £320
Also consider
£200 off OnePlus 8 Pro 5G, now £699: This is OnePlus’s top phone of 2020, even if it is older than the OnePlus 8T. It beats the OnePlus 8T with a 120Hz 1440p OLED screen, a much better primary camera, a proper zoom camera and a superior ultra-wide. This is also the higher-end version with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.
£50 off Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, now £379: A sub-£380 price for Samsung’s hugely popular mid-range phone on Cyber Monday, this time in the 5G variant.
£62 off a Realme 6, now £187: This budget Android phone has plenty going on. Namely a big 90Hz screen, gamer-friendly internals, a quad camera system and fast charging. Whoosh.
Cyber Monday wearables + outdoors deals
£30 off a Fitbit Charge 4 | Now £99

What is it? The Charge 4 is Fitbit’s latest and greatest fitness tracker. If you’ve recently got into running over lockdown, this is the device for you. With an optical heart rate sensor, you’ll be able to track your calorie burn as well as how well you’re sleeping. The Fitbit Charge 4 is a cracking £100 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it lasts up to a week off a single charge.What’s the real saving? Fitbits are rarely ever on sale. They’re a bit like Apple in that regard and has pretty much spent the entirety of 2020 at the £130 mark on Amazon, so the saving is pretty substantial.Click here to get a Fitbit Charge 4 for £99
£59 off a Garmin Fenix 6 Pro | Now £450

What is it? The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is one of our favourite fitness watches that will help you level up your run. There’s so much good stuff in this little thing, including a massive 36 hours of GPS tracking on one single charge, a screen that doesn’t force you to squint in the sun, and of course, all those third-party accessories that you can connect it to. For those looking to up their fitness game, this watch will give you everything you need.What’s the real saving? The original price of the Gorilla Glass version is £599. You can find it for just £509 at some retailers, but it’s even cheaper than that at the moment..If you get it from John Lewis, you can save around £150 off thee original price, and £60 off some retailers prices.Click here to get the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro for £450
£43 (or more) off an Apple Watch Series 5 | Now £386

What is it? What is it? All right, so the Apple Watch Series 5 might not be the newest nor the shiniest Apple Watch on the menu, being superseded by the Series 6 with its fancy blood oxygen sensor, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still great. In fact, you’ll still find all the health monitoring features, like the ECG, cycle tracking and insights into all of your activity trends.What’s the real saving? You might be a little confused by the price. You’ve seen the Series 5 online for £329, but the discount here is for those of you who care about how it feels and looks on your wrist.Click here to get £43 off an Apple Watch Series 5
Also consider
£20 off Osprey Farpoint 55, now £70: With many of us restricted to walking and camping holidays for the foreseeable, a quality backpack like the Osprey Farpoint 55 may be a sound purchase. Now at around £20 lower than other prices online. Has a detachable daypack for superior flexibility.
£18 off Sportneer Mini Bike, now £32: Snack all day, guilt-free with this mini bike that sits under your desk. Includes a gripper mat to stop the Sportneer sliding around.
£21 off eufy Smart Scale P1, now £29: This smart scale uses electrodes to estimate your body fat composition, as well as showing your weight and BMI. And it connects to your phone. Use the Eufy app, or it can hook up with Google Fit, Apple Health and Fitbit.
£38 off Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX, down to £89: Salomon’s trail running shoes have plenty of cushioning and that stability comes from EVA midsoles. Check sizes and styles for the exact discounts.
£70 off Honor Watch GS Pro, now £180 This is Honor’s top fitness watch. Battery life is the highlight. The Honor Watch GS Pro lasts up to 25 days off a charge, streams music to wireless earphones and has a GPS “track back” so you won’t get lost on long walks. It was a little pricey at £250, but makes a lot of sense at £180.
Cyber Monday TV, home cinema & smart home deals
📺 All the Cyber Monday TV deals on Amazon
£299 off the Philips 48OLED+935 4K TV | Now £1,499

What is it? Finally, an OLED TV under 55 inches. The Philips 48OLED+935 4K TV is our WIRED Recommends top choice for a smaller OLED set, made more desirable by the lack of discounts on LG’s new 48-inch set. This one offers OLED’s usual incredible contrast, a built-in Bowers & Wilkins soundbar and Philips’s Ambilight tech. This casts LED onto the wall behind the TV.
What’s the real saving? You get £300 of a brand new TV. We only reviewed the Philips 48OLED+935 in October so this one clearly hasn’t been hanging around the Currys warehouse all year.
Click here to save £299 on the Philips 48OLED+935 4K TV
Also consider
£1,000 off a Panasonic TX65GZ950B, down to £1,499 Cripes, look at that saving. This is Panasonic’s 2019 OLED, that’s why. But it saves you several hundred pounds off this year’s 2020 line-up with reductions at 65 inches. Image quality is superb. But it doesn’t have the HDMI 2.1 port Xbox Series X and PS5 gamers may want.
£100 off a Meural Canvas II, now £499: This digital art frame – stick with us – is that exact type of luxe purchase that we wouldn’t mind a cool £100 off. And lo and behold. This 21.5-inch Meural Canvas has an anti-glare finish to make digital artworks look stunning in situ, plus you can swipe through works with a wave of your hand. Want.
Cyber Monday headphones and audio deals
🎧 All the Cyber Monday headphones deals on Amazon
£100 off a Sonos Move | Now £299

What is it? The Sonos Move is its first portable, outdoor speaker and it doesn’t disappoint. Weather-proof, easy to set up with superb sound, we also like its clever EQ which auto adapts when the Move is well, moved.
What’s the real saving? A £100 saving and from the looks of things, the lowest it’s been on Amazon. Full stop. Matched by John Lewis, Currys and a few other places, too.
Get a Sonos Move for £299
£41 off Jabra Elite 75t earbuds, down to £129

What is it? If you’re not an AirPods person, these Jabra Elite 75t earbuds are – trust us on this – your best bet. Never mind that the design is pleasingly small and easy to wear, what is most important is the audio quality. Fortunately, these sound great. Plus, you get a 28-hour battery life.
What’s the real saving? £41 off is a tidy discount and it matches the Prime Day offer – but you can get this at John Lewis and Currys, too.
Click here to save £41 on the Jabra Elite 75ts
Also consider
Master & Dynamic MH40s, now £139: The Master & Dynamic MH40 were criticised for being expensive at their £320 original RRP. That problem is solved here, netting you an exotic, retro-drenched pair of headphones with pleasant sound and genuine leather pads. That’s all-but unheard of at this price. Note: these are wired headphones, not wireless ones.
£100 off KEF LSX Wireless, now £899: True audiophile wireless speakers are a real thing. The Kef LSX Wireless trounce a HomePod or Sonos Play:5 for sound quality. Audio Affair currently offers £100 off, if only in the provocative red and blue finishes.
£20 off Sony’s XM3 earbuds, now £149: A great price for Sony’s WF-XM3 wireless earbuds which are still the best-sounding buds in their class. Sorry, AirPods. ANC is on board as is six hours of battery life per charge. Fully recommended.
£20 off the Jabra Elite 45h, now £69: Our favourite pair of wireless on-ears under £100 are down to £69. 50-hour battery life? Check. Punchy, controlled sound? Yessir. All the controls? Yup. Matched at John Lewis and Currys this week.
Get a Ultimate Ears Megaboom Wireless for £75: What’s an Amazon sale without a cut-price UE Bluetooth speaker? The thing is, though, they’re excellent including this waterproof, stealth-styled model. This dropped from £127.
£200 off the Sonos Playbase, down to £499: Sonos dropped the Playbase like an unloved child but WIRED has a soft spot for it thanks to an easy set up, superb build quality and an impressive audio performance.
Cyber Monday laptop and tablet deals
💻 All the Cyber Monday computing deals on Amazon
£100 off a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, down to £779

What is it? The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 combines very good specs – a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD – with a thin aluminium chassis. We like its 3:2 display and the keyboard is one of the best we’ve used on any laptop. A solid machine with productivity in mind.
What’s the real saving? The Surface Laptop 3 doesn’t stay at this kind of price for long. It usually sells for around £879, or even higher, most often way over £800. That said John Lewis is listing the Surface Laptop 3 deal at £779 this week too.
Get the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 for £779
£150 off a HP Envy 13, down to £1,000

What is it? The HP Envy 13 is one of the sleekest and well-built ultrabooks you can buy, and it’s impressive that it can now be snapped up for £1,000. The Envy lives up to its name with a supreme focus of style but it certainly has plenty of substance. This high spec model gets you a Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and, even, a Nvidia MX350 mobile GPU for light gaming and graphical work.
What’s the real saving? This HP Envy model is priced at £1,150 across the internet, including HP’s own store, so it is a true saving of £150. For this price, you previously would have only gotten the entry-level model so it’s a pleasing spec bump.
Click here to get the HP Envy 13 for £1,000
£60 off the Kindle Oasis, down to £170

What is it? The Kindle Oasis is the best of the strong Amazon ereader bunch, taking its place on our WIRED Recommends list. The days of a cumbersome Kindle are long gone, with this thin yet grip-friendly design. Physical buttons for turning pages and waterproofing make for some delightfully well-thought-out additions too.
What’s the real saving? Amazon is known for slapping plenty of discounts across its own devices on a regular basis and that’s no different today. Nevertheless, this is a true £60 discount. With stock stated as available from 4 December, you will have a slight wait if you order one.
Click here to get the Kindle Oasis for £170
Also consider
£17 off Apple Magic Keyboard (Renewed), now £70: Fancied picking up a Magic Keyboard but been put off by its nigh-on £99 RRP? You can now grab a renewed version of Apple’s small wireless keyboard for just £70.
£70 off a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, down to £549: The Galaxy Tab S7 is Samsung’s flagship Android tablet. Some of the premium features you get with this stylish device are a glorious 120Hz OLED display, the useful S-Pen stylus in box and the speedy Snapdragon 865 processor. The cream of the crop when it comes to Android tablets.
£100 off Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15.6-inch laptop, now £279: If you’re looking for a budget laptop, you can’t go wrong with Lenovo’s sub-£300 AMD laptop. The IdeaPad 3’s immense value has earned its place as a WIRED Recommends budget machine.
Up to £50 off the Apple MacBook Air, from £879: While Apple’s new M1 machines are the talk of the town, the Intel MacBook Airs are still available to buy. If you’re interested, you can pick up £50 off the Core i3 model at John Lewis or Currys.
£60 off Amazon’s Fire HD 10, down to £100: Considering this Fire HD’s 10.1-inch display is more than you need for Netflix – plus gamers will get on nicely with it too – that makes £60 off a rather splendid deal. Just watch out for shipping times (with no ads), if it’s a gift.
£370 off ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15 GX502LXS, now £2,600: It’ll still cost you a pretty penny but a sweet £370 off makes the impressive specs of the Zephyrus S15 all the more appealing. You’ll be getting a Full HD 300Hz display, Intel Core i7, RTX 2080 Super MaxQ, 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD. The powerhouse combination is a remarkable feat for this sensibly sized machine.
£15 off an Amazon Fire HD 7, now £45: In classic Amazon style the Fire HD 7 is super cheap for Cyber Monday- though you’ll have to wait without ads. If you don’t mind no full access to Android apps and games, this is a great cheap family tablet. If you want it quick, you may need to choose the ‘with ads’ option and then pay to remove them later.
Cyber Monday PC & gaming deals
£100 off Thrustmaster T300 RS, now £230

What is it? The Thrustmaster T300 RS is a force feedback racing wheel. It will make sim-style driving games like Assetto Corsa much more fun and involving. This package includes an excellent wheel and wheel base, plus a fair pair of pedals you could upgrade if you catch the racing bug. Force feedback quality is better than the Logitech G29’s. It’s for PlayStation gamers, but Box also sells a version for Xbox One.
What’s the real saving? Stock of wheels like this has been scarce since early 2020, so it’s quite the event to see a Thrustmaster set with £100 off. The T300 RS will work with PS5 as well as PS4, so you’re all set for the future as well.
Click here to get £100 off a Thrustmaster T300 RS
£17 off a Logitech G903 Lightspeed gaming mouse, now £72

What is it? This Logitech G903 Lightspeed sits on our WIRED Recommends list for the best gaming mice around. The G903 provides a whopping 140-hour battery life and impressive 16000 DPI, both in a lightweight body. There’s RGB for those who like to add colour to their gaming as well as programmable buttons.
What’s the real saving? Recently, the G903 gaming mouse has been priced £89. While the price has been closer to this sale price earlier in the year, this is the lowest it’s been on Amazon in 2020.
Click here to save £17 on the Logitech G903 Lightspeed
£25 off Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition | Now £105

What is it? Razer’s Huntsman Tournament Edition provides one of the most premium typing experiences on offer from the popular gaming brand. The tenkeyless design gives this a pleasingly small footprint that gamers will love while also coming with the added benefit of more longer-lasting optical switches. The combo makes it our recommended choice for a gaming keyboard right now. And, of course, it’s a Razer keyboard so it has a plethora of RGB customisation options to fit nicely into your setup.
What’s the real saving? While the saving isn’t as exciting as if you were still saddled with picking this Razer keyboard up for its original £150 RRP, the device is regularly still sold for £130 on Amazon. That makes the £25 off an enticing deal. However, it is worth noting it has dropped down to £77 recently.
Click here to get the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition for £105
Also consider
£8 off Razer Hammerhead headset, now £60: The Razer Hammerhead offers a solid bluetooth listening experience with a gaming twist. You get compatibility across iOS and Android to use with all your favourite mobile games, and there’s an in-line mic for chatting with your mates too.
£57 off Corsair K95 Platinum RGB mechanical keyboard, now £127: Corsair offers a strong range of gamer-friendly keyboards and the K95 is among them, especially with a neat discount over £50. This keyboard brings a pleasing MX Brown switch, per key RGB lighting and wrist rest combo to your typing fingertips.
£33 off 32-inch SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset, now £100: This stylish and functional gaming headset from trusted gaming brand Steelseries is down to its lowest price since January. Along with PC and PS4 compatibility, you can even use this wireless headset on a brand spanking new PS5.


£60 off a Secretlab Titan gaming chair, now £339: With the Secretlab Titan gaming chair, you’ll find high-quality leather and carbon fibre design combined with a sturdy build. The luxurious features makes for an extremely comfortable experience that’s landed this a spot as our WIRED Recommends best gaming chair.
£600 off Razer Blade Pro 17, now £1,599: The Blade Pro 17 sits atop the Razer tree as it’s portable gaming mammoth. This model gets you a 17.3-inch 300Hz Full HD panel, Intel Core i7-10875H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and an 8GB Nvidia RTX 2070 MaxQ graphics card.

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