LinkedIn Provides More Market Data with New ‘Sales Insights’

LinkedIn is looking to provide more ways to utilize its vast professional dataset, this time via a new tool called ‘Sales Insights‘, which will provide a real-time overview of key business opportunities based on your chosen market niche and parameters.

As explained in the clip, Sales Insights will provide users with specific information on employee trends, contacts, and potential connection opportunities, cross-matched against your staff listings on LinkedIn.

As per LinkedIn:

“Sales Insights gives you clear visibility into the size and fast-growing nature of specific departments, functions, and accounts, so that you can accurately plan your sales strategy in order to point your sales teams to the right accounts and drive more revenue.”

As you can see here, the Sales Insights dashboard enables you to hone in on specific data, based on location, job function, growth trends, etc. That can help you better identify key opportunities, in order to connect with the right businesses at the right time.

From there, Sales Insights can also show you who, among your employees, is connected to people at your target companies, providing an ‘in’ to improve your response rate.

It’s LinkedIn’s latest effort to better utilize its unmatched professional data set – through its map of professional connections, career details and other data, LinkedIn can provide a range of valuable insights into how modern business is conducted, and how you can reach the right people, and identify the right opportunities, to boost your efforts. 

Sales Insights is just one example of this in practice – there are also expanded implications for recruitment, HR, education, etc. 

If LinkedIn can harness these insights in effective ways, it could become an even more significant element in various business processes. LinkedIn has been very protective of its data access over the years, but now, at 722 million members, it’s looking to find more ways to help business partners glean more information. LinkedIn also recently added a new tool called LinkedIn Career Explorer, which shows users potential career paths based on the skills that they already have, including links to relevant LinkedIn Learning courses to align with key areas of demand. 

No other platform can provide such insights to the extent that LinkedIn can. That’s a significant advantage, and the more LinkedIn can tap into this, the better placed it will be, especially as we move beyond the pandemic, and likely into a new period of business growth. 

This is a valuable tool, which will only become more valuable the further you examine the data. 

LinkedIn says that Sales Insights will be generally available in February. You can sign up for early access here.

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