LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on How to Make Best Use of its Platform

LinkedIn has published a new guide to help social media managers make best use of the various tools the platform has to offer, in order to maximize engagement, boost content reach – and ultimately, fuel sales potential through LinkedIn connections.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“So how do we drive the business outcomes we want to see through our day to day work in social? How do we strike the right balance between being witty and serious? And finally, how do we choose the right social media platforms to partner with to help amplify our voices? These are all questions we’ll be tackling [in the guide]. We’ll share our best social media management tips, taken from years managing LinkedIn’s own social media presence, in hopes that we can help you increase the impact of your efforts across the funnel.”

The 32-page guide is split into five parts:

  • “Your business case for investing in social”
  • “Why social media managers should spend time on LinkedIn”
  • “How to tell your brand’s story on LinkedIn”
  • Building your audience on the platform
  • A guide to LinkedIn’s paid ad solutions

Each section includes a range of stats and figures to support the case for social media marketing on the platform.

But the main focus is, of course, on LinkedIn itself:

“While the professionals you want to reach might spend time on an array of social media channels, you need to catch them at the right time, when they’re in the market and the mindset to purchase. That’s what sets LinkedIn apart. It’s where the professionals you want to connect with are ready to engage with brands like yours.”

LinkedIn supports this with a range of usage stats and insights:

LinkedIn usage stats

The guide also includes specific tips on how to maximize engagement and reach, and move connections through to the next stage in the buying cycle.

LinkedIn social media guide

There are also Page-specific tips and notes:

LinkedIn company page tips

LinkedIn also includes key pointers on how to maximize company page engagement, including:

  • Respond to comments
  • Take advantage of hashtags and @mentions to boost post reach
  • Include a call to action
  • Act on Page insights to grow your audience

There’s a range of helpful tips here, and while’s there’s no new information, as such, there are some good points to consider in your strategy, which will help to improve your LinkedIn presence.

You can download the full “Social Media Manager’s Guide to LinkedIn” here.

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