Need to Buy Microsoft Office? How and where to legally purchase it. 

In this article, we will explain how to purchase a Microsoft Office package and how to access all its functions without having to spend a fortune.

You may already have read our guide as to How and where to purchase Windows 10 and now you need to obtain a legal license for Microsoft Office to complete your system? Continue reading this article to find out how to purchase a license key for Microsoft Office in a perfectly legal manner, and, above all, to save money.

Among the various alternatives, our product range includes Office 365, however, it is important that you know that, in order to enjoy all the Suite’s functions, you are obliged to spend a certain amount per month which can total over £60 per annum, taking into consideration that you are initially allowed a “30-day free trial”. The situation becomes more burdensome if you decide to purchase an Office package in a once-off payment: in fact, depending from the edition that you require, you may find yourself having to spend from £119 to £419, a hefty amount especially if you are a student.

Where to purchase Office and save

If you need to access the excellent functions of the Office Suite such as Excel spreadsheets, Word or any other instrument included in the Suite, and you do not want to spend the above amounts, know that there is a totally legal and secure way of obtaining your Microsoft Office license key at a considerably reduced price.

As we have suggested in the previous guide, in this case too, you are able to rely on third-party vendors such as Amazon or eBay, however, it is vital to mind affiliate sellers and their feedback. Furthermore, there is a vast constellation of websites that sell license keys for Microsoft Office and Windows 10, but it may not be clear whether the source of such keys is transparent or legitimate or, worse, if they come from the ill-famed grey market. Then there are reliable sites that resell compliant licenses recuperated from old computers no longer in use.

The best sites:

Mr Key Shop:

Mr Key Shop provides a very secure and trustworthy solution as it is an official reseller who offers legitimate license keys for Microsoft Office and Windows 10 a  very accessible prices, for example, you can find a vast choice of  Microsoft Office license keys at surprisingly convenient prices.


Today, Amazon has become one of the most renowned platforms worldwide and offers great advantages in terms of service and price. The only problem is the ample presence of numerous resellers on the platform. Thus, it is strongly advisable to be very cautious when purchasing a product like Windows or Office because they fall within the category of delicate products. As a result, it is important to be wary of resellers and the source of the licenses, which often may not be compliant nor resaleable.


eBay also offers good deals for the purchase of Windows and Office licenses, but in this instance too, it is necessary to be careful as to the reseller and to product that one will buy. In the event that the product is not compliant, Microsoft may block it with the undesirable result of losing all the data. We therefore suggest to always be very wary when purchasing products of such a delicate nature.

How to purchase Microsoft Office

Purchasing an Office license via one of the above resellers (or other similar), is very easy: choose the desired product, add it to the cart and complete the payment procedure. Depending on the type of product that you are purchasing, you will either receive delivery by email or  physically. Naturally, we would like to elaborate on the site which we deem to be the better service provider, that of Mr Key Shop.

When you purchase a software license on Mr Key Shop, you will instantaneously receive the code, or almost, directly to your email address, thus avoiding the environmental impact derived from the physical delivery thereof as well as receiving material that will then be discarded.

The purchase will give you access to a Microsoft product that is 100% original, with a lifetime license, and should you have to reformat your PC, the license key will be reusable without any problem. Herewith the links to the Office category:

As far as payment is concerned, our preference is for those vendors who accept PayPal and its programme of customer protection, but don’t only take our word for it, we invite you to have a look at Trustpilot to have a definite confirmation that you can make your purchases on our site with ease and confidence.

What happens after the purchase is concluded?

Once you have purchased your Microsoft Office license key, you will receive an email with all the instructions to download Office from the official website as well as how to use your activation code. This is a very elementary procedure and Mr Key Shop will supply you with clear instructions to follow all the necessary steps.

Delivery is immediate and the product arrives directly to your email address thus eliminating the environmental impact that physical delivery would comprise.

But is it legal?

The resale of ESD licenses (Electronic Software Download), which often form part of material that is dismissed by companies who purchase large lots of license keys for Microsoft Office and Windows 10, is a practice that is considered totally legal as confirmed by the  European Court of Justice (C-128/2011).. Therefore, rest assured that purchasing an ESD license from Mr Key Shop is 100% legal.

Now you have all the necessary elements to purchase Microsoft Office without spending a fortune and more so, in a perfectly legal manner.

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