New Report Looks at The Impact of Leaving Old Social Accounts and Content Active [Infographic]

When was the last time you checked through your old social media profiles, and the content that you’ve posted online over time? 

These days, most people have at least one old social media account which remains active online, including your images, posts, etc. But you’ve likely forgotten about it – it’s that MySpace account that you had years ago, that Tumblr fanfic account from your teen years, etc.

But what if someone went looking for info on you, say, a potential employer? What would they find on those old accounts?

This is an increasing concern in the modern, digital age, and with so many of our thoughts and experiences being posted online, it can be a concern.

That concern is underlined in this new survey, which was recently conducted by the team from To glean more perspective on the amount of content we upload, and people’s experiences in having their digital history used against them, the researchers surveyed 947 people to find out how often they delete social media content, what old profiles they have, and the potential impacts of such.

There are some interesting findings here, and considerations stemming from such. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I just need to go and log-in to MySpace one last time… 

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