OVHcloud is strengthening an ecosystem to create a powerful European cloud

Each year, the technology industry is defined by hundreds of thousands of people taking to the skies, heading to convention centres and hotel suites to discuss the latest trends and try out innovative new products. That was then, this is now. In 2020, long-haul flights have been replaced with long-distance video calls and face-to-face meetings have become a mix of screen sharing, collaborative documents and flurries of instant messages.
The pandemic has forced us all to live more of our lives online. And that means more people – and businesses – relying on seamless and effective cloud services to keep their lives running smoothly. Such a change has also raised questions about how our data is processed, by whom and where. In the grip of a pandemic, such crucial questions can get overlooked in the rush of change and disruption. But now, with the world forced to come to terms with the pandemic era, the time has come to pause and think about how to move forward.


And that means coming up with new solutions and new ways of tackling problems caused or exacerbated by the pandemic. From the provenance of the companies behind the collaborative tools and video conferencing services on which we all now hugely rely to the companies we partner with to drive our businesses forward, the question of how our data is handled is more important than ever.
Like so much of life, this year’s OVHcloud Summit has moved online to become the Ecosystem Experience. The event will provide three days of keynotes, demonstrations and breakout sessions to help explain the big challenges and opportunities for the cloud industry. Running from November 3 to 5, OVHcloud Ecosystem Experience brings together major players from across the cloud industry to discuss everything from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity and the internet of things. The event incorporates almost 90 sessions and brings together more than 3,000 companies.

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Hosting the event online was necessary – but it’s also a perfect demonstration of OVHcloud’s technology – and the scale of its global business. Founded in France in 1999, the company is now the largest cloud provider in Europe. Last year, to mark its twentieth anniversary, the firm rebranded from OVH to OVHcloud, aiming to put more emphasis on its cloud technologies and expand its global cloud business.


The event, now in its eighth year, is as much about the ecosystem of companies using OVHcloud’s services as it is about the company itself. And for this ecosystem to continue to grow, collaboration is key. As such, OVHcloud is a member of GAIA-X, a project to develop competitive, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for the European market. As Europe’s sole hyperscale giant, OVHcloud aims to play a central role in developing solutions to end the continent’s dependence on the American and Chinese cloud giants that currently dominate the market. OVHcloud’s pitch is to show that there is a different way to make the move to the cloud built on European values of trust and GDPR principles.
The issue of data sovereignty is core to OVHcloud’s business. For companies concerned about where customer and client data is processed and stored, the physical location of a cloud company’s infrastructure and headquarters is arguably just as important as the services it offers. OVHcloud’s 1.6 million customers range from individuals and small businesses, right up to big global brands such as Thales and Louis Vuitton.
The company’s European footprint comprises 17 data centres in France, Germany, Poland and the UK. In 2012, OVHcloud made its first big move into the North American market – opening the world’s largest data centre not in the United States but near Montreal, Canada. The rationale? Canadian customers, like those in Europe, want sovereignty of their data. Building on this global expansion, OVHcloud acquired vCloudAir in 2017 to launch independent US activities, on both a technical and organisational level.


For so many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a brutal stress test. Now, businesses and individuals must come to terms with planning for a future based on a new set of rules. Much as the pandemic has driven us apart, it has also brought us together and shown different ways of doing businesses and staying in touch with friends and family. The big-budget, jet-lagged conferences and trade shows of 2019 might not make a comeback for some time yet, but the virtual events and cloud technologies that have replaced them have allowed whole industries to come together and collaborate at the touch of a button.

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