Reddit Announces New Partnership With Tagboard to Facilitate Connection With TV Broadcasters

Reddit has this week announced a new partnership with Tagboard which will facilitate connection with TV broadcasters, enabling them to use Reddit content in their programs.

As explained by Reddit:

The partnership marks Reddit’s first foray into aggregated content sourcing for broadcast, enabling more than 250 of the largest global broadcast entities to leverage the voice and ideas of redditors for broadcast news, sports television, and entertainment shows.”

As demonstrated in this example, the new process will make it easier for broadcasters to include Reddit content in stories and discussion segments.

Reddit has already partnered with broadcasters like NFL Network and TEGNA, which operates 49 local newsrooms across the US, in order to provide direct links to content from communities like r/AMA and r/photoshopbattles.

The partnership could provide a significant boost for Reddit, showcasing some of the best that the platform has to offer, and likely drawing in more users. And worth noting, Reddit is currently serving some 430 million monthly active users, more than Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. 

Indeed, Reddit, while it doesn’t see as much hype and coverage as other platforms, is quietly on the rise. It’s not necessarily an easy platform for advertisers to tap into, but there are opportunities there, and with new additions like this process, that potential only looks set to grow.

Maybe worth considering in your process. 

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