Rising Product Search Trends Amid COVID-19 [Infographic]

With the COVID-19 lockdowns dragging on, many people are getting more used to their new quarantine lifestyles, which is reflected in the products that are getting more focus online, based on this report from Inmar Intelligence.

Leisurewear, coffee pods, ink cartridges – all of these increases are no real surprise, but it is interesting to consider what the trends mean for your products and marketing, and whether these trends will indeed carry on for some time, even beyond the lockdown period.

This week, for example, Facebook joined Twitter in announcing that most of its employees will be able to work from home forever, even after the lockdowns end. That could be indicative of a broader corporate trend towards remote work – which would also mean that trends like these are set to stick around, which could change your focus.

That’s still a long way off, but if you want to get an idea of what’s trending, check out the graphic below – while you can also check out Google’s rising retail trends listing based on real-time search volume shifts.

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