Snapchat Shares New Insights into User Engagement Around Valentine’s Day, New Features for the Event

Are you looking to run a tie-in campaign for Valentine’s Day? Is Snapchat a part of your outreach strategy for the event?

Maybe it should be – according to new insights from Snap, around 70% of its users are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, with 63% also planning to make Snapchat a part of their celebration.

I mean, that makes some sense – after months of restrictions, we’re just now starting to see a level of easing in some parts of the world, and the need for human connection is probably as high as it’s ever been. As such, taking a moment to recognize those important to you, in any form, is probably going to get more emphasis this year – and on Snapchat specifically, people are looking to celebrate in as close to normal fashion as they can.

“Typically, Snapchatters celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out on a date, having a date night at home, or exchanging cards or gifts. Despite all of the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, most are hoping to stick to similar plans this year. This is especially true in Australia (59%) and Norway (58%), where COVID-19 is fairly under control.”

And if you are planning on tapping into the Valentine’s Day discussion on Snap, this might help – according to Snapchat’s data, Valentine’s Day discussion spikes in the week leading up to the event, with conversations peaking between 4pm and 8pm on the day.

Snapchat Valentine's Day

You can see the ebbs and flows leading into the event, which may help in your content planning.

In addition to these insights, Snapchat has also announced that it’s adding a range of Valentine’s Day-themed AR Lenses, many of which include people’s Bitmoji avatars and/or utilize its new full-body mapping.

Snapchat Valentine's Day AR Lens

Snapchat’s also adding a new Snap Mini with gifting app Givingli which will enable users to create virtual gifts that they can send to users in the app. 

Snapchat Givingli Mini

That will give users a range of options to take part in the event, while the insights may help marketers better plan and strategize as to how they can incorporate Snap into the tie-in campaigns.

You can read more Vaentine’s Day insights from Snapchat here.

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