The (actually) good Prime Day deals in the UK: day two

A pair of Primigi Gore-tex Snow Boots – that’s officially the best Amazon Prime Day deal on Day Two, at a not insubstantial 85 per cent off RRP.
If you’ve no interest in powder, the rest of Amazon’s Prime Day sale is now on Day Two. It runs until midnight on Wednesday and there are some deals that are – evidently – worth everyone’s time. Amazon is guaranteeing prices won’t go lower than this on Black Friday; they may be repeated, however. You will need an Amazon Prime subscription (or access to one) to get these discounts – sign up for a 30-day free trial if you need to.


We’ve checked the discounts against both historical prices and other retailers; plus this is all tech we’d buy ourselves. If the deals seem more modest here on WIRED, it’s because we’re telling you what the actual saving is, not the puffed up, screaming faux reductions you might be blasted with elsewhere on the internet.
We’ll be updating the guide throughout Wednesday, including good deals from other retailers, including Curry’s ‘Epic Deals’ event.

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The best Prime Day deals on Day One


These are the absolute best deals WIRED editors have spotted: the finest tech in its category, a huge, stonking price cut or, in most cases, both.
Scroll down to skip to the rest of the guide which is split by product type: laptops and tablets, smartphones, headphones and speakers, TVs, home cinema, wearables, PC and gaming and smart home tech.
£81 off Sennheiser Momentum 3 NC headphones | Now £259

What is it? These Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones are superb noise-cancellers that only increase Sennheiser’s reputation as headphone-meisters. Excellent sound combines with usable features and effective noise cancellation. There is even an integrated Bluetooth tracker and support for Tile, should your cans get lost/pinched.


What’s the real saving? This is a saving of £99 off the RRP, but most places including John Lewis have them for £340, so this is still a great deal.
Click here to save £81 on the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless
32% off the Anker Soundcore 2 | Now £28

What is it? The Anker SoundCore 2 is a solid speaker with a ginormous 24 hours of battery life. The sound quality is pretty impressive for a speaker which was already fairly cheap. It’s solidly built, boasting IPX5 water-resistance from its sturdy rubberised exterior; its Bluetooth range is impressive and it even has a built-in microphone for handsfree calls and smart assistance. It’s our best budget Bluetooth speaker.What’s the real saving? The SoundCore 2 usually costs £41 on Amazon. That £13 saving makes this speaker even more affordable than it already was.
Click here to get the Anker Soundcore 2 for £28

£200 off an Asus ROG Strix G512LV, now £1,400

What is it? The Asus ROG Strix G512LV is a high-end gaming laptop at a reasonable price. It has all the features we look for in a performance system. Nvidia’s excellent RTX 2060 GPU plus a 240Hz screen is a perfect pairing. You get hardware level ray tracing support and enough power to see frame rates of well over 60fps in all but the most challenging games, at 1080p. A 1TB SSD offers plenty of room for games and 16GB RAM is a blessing for other non-gaming jobs.
What’s the real saving? This very same laptop costs £1600 at Overclockers, a place you might regularly head to before Amazon for a gaming deal. And at Amazon it has cost £1,600 ever since it landed on the site in June. An Alienware m15 with a similar spec would cost you around £2,100.
Click here to get £200 off the Asus ROG Strix G512LV
£140 off the Xiaomi Mi 10, now £559

What is it? The Xiaomi Mi 10 is a nice alternative to a phone like the OnePlus 8. While it was released earlier in 2020, and has since been followed-up by the Mi 10T, nothing about the Mi 10 seems dated. It has a Snapdragon 865 processor, 108MP primary camera with 8K video recording, 5G and a glass/metal shell. Speaker quality stands out. Xiaomi uses seven magnets than to pull louder sound out of a pair of tiny phone drivers. The lack of a true zoom camera is the one drawback, but the 108MP sensor handles digital zooming better than most.
What’s the real saving? The Xiaomi Mi 10 price has fluctuated between £700 and £580 at Amazon since it arrived. It has been cheaper before, hitting a low of £472 in July. But that was a rare blip. You can also find the 256GB version for £20 more.
Click here to a Xiaomi Mi 10 for £559
£170 off Arlo Pro3 (2 camera pack), now £380

What is it? The Arlo Pro3 is a smart security camera that lets you see through its eyes, wherever you are, on a phone or tablet. Any moments of action are stored on the cloud for easy retrieval. It captures video at up to 2K resolution, with HDR, and has a night mode for clear images 24/7. This package includes two cameras and the SmartHub base unit, which is all a smaller house should need.
What’s the real saving? This dual camera Arlo Pro3 kit usually costs £550. That saving brings the price much closer to that of a single Arlo camera. The cheapest this package has been at Amazon is £515, nothing even close to this Prime Day deal.
Click here to get two Arlo Pro3 cameras for £380
20% off a Fitbit Inspire HR | Now £60

What is it? Fitbit’s Inspire HR ticks a lot of boxes as a budget everyday tracker. It’s light, swimproof, with heart-rate monitoring as well as steps and sleep, plus a button to help with navigation for anyone who hates tiny, fiddly touchscreens. Battery life is five days, and while the Alta HR (from £83) is our pick at a slightly higher price point, at £60 this is a firm recommendation.
What’s the real saving? Since about May, the Inspire HR has been down as low as £75 and hovering around the £80 mark on Amazon, so it’s more like a £17 saving (20%) than the £27 that Amazon lists. But for a product that’s already great value and would make a nice gift, we’ll take it. This Fitbit is still selling for £90 elsewhere and £63 is the lowest price we’ve seen it. Don’t need HR? Go for the regular Fitbit Inspire, down to £39.
Click here to get a Fitbit Inspire HR for £60
£20 off a Motorola Moto G8 | Now £139

What is it? The Motorola Moto G8 is part of our most-often-recommended series of affordable phones. While there are now more cheap choices than ever, like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 above, this one is still a big hit at £139. It offers good battery life, a reliable Snapdragon 665 CPU and clean-looking software.
What’s the real saving? We have never seen the Moto G8 this cheap. Its standard price is £160 these days, not the £180 Amazon suggests. But a £20 saving is still a significant one at this level. Amazon has also sold the phone at £179 in the weeks before Prime Day.
Click here to save £20 on a Motorola Moto G8
£40 off a Garmin Forerunner 45 | Now £110

What is it? The Forerunner 45 is our WIRED Recommends best budget running watch at its regular price. There’s no apps or contactless payments, but as a running watch that suits beginners, there’s no beating it. Easy to use, with 13 hours of GPS battery life, music playback controls and Garmin Coach support. Lovely stuff.
What’s the real saving? The Forerunner 45 for £110 could result in a lot of running converts this autumn. In our book, it’s a decent £40 off the £149 it’s been selling for recently on Amazon, not the £169 RRP which it hasn’t been listed in months. The cheapest we can spot it anywhere else online is £130.
Click here to save £40 on the Garmin Forerunner 45

£84 off the Ticwatch Pro | Down to £139

What is it? The Ticwatch Pro is currently in testing at WIRED, but we like it already. This 2020 Wear OS smartwatch has everything a Samsung or Huawei watch has, here at half the price: GPS, heart-rate tracking, Google Pay, IP68 water-resistant carbon-fibre case, leather straps. The Ticwatch’s neatest trick, though, is a combination of an AMOLED display and a lower power LCD screen that lasts up to 30 days.
What’s the real saving? This is the real deal, so to speak, down from a price of £223. As usual, Chinese company Mobovi, can’t be beaten on value smartwatch prices. (Only in black, though, not silver.) That’s almost as cheap as the less fully featured Ticwatch S2, which is down from £160 to £101 for Prime Day.
Click here to get £84 off the Ticwatch Pro
£90 off a Technics EAH-AZ70W earbuds | Now £150

What is it? These Technics EAH-AZ70W earbuds are actually Technics’ first foray into the true wireless earbuds market. Comfortable, with a solid, punchy and spacious sound, along with noise cancelling and excellent bass and a design worthy of the brand’s reputation for handsome looks, this is a good deal – especially as they only came out in June.
What’s the real saving? This is an excellent saving of £90 as these earbuds retail around the £240 RRP in most places when we last checked.
Click here to save £90 on the Technics EAH-AZ70W earbuds
£49 off Apple AirPods Pro, now £199

What is it? Apple’s AirPods Pro fixed practically everything that was wrong with the AirPods 2 to make the Pros one of the best in this headphones category. A better design than Sony, perfectly good ANC and an adaptive EQ that auto tunes the low- and mid-frequencies to the shape of your ear makes these a no-brainer. No need for noise cancelling? Then go for the Apple Airpods with Wireless Charging Case at £40 off down to £159, or the Apple AirPods with Charging Case at £31 off down to £128.
What’s the real saving? This Laptops Direct deal is a saving of £49 as Apple sells the Pros for £249. Yes, Amazon has them at £208 today, while at John Lewis you can pick up a pair for £219, so this sub-£200 price really is the best deal right now.
Click here to save £49 on the Apple AirPods Pro

Laptop and tablet deals
A good showing this year with all manner of laptop discounts and Amazon and Samsung providing the best tablet deals.
£45 off Amazon Fire HD 8, now £45

What is it? The Fire HD 8 or “All-New Fire HD 8” if you use Amazon’s wording, is a budget Android tablet rendered a dirt cheap one through the magic of Prime Day. Amazon rounded off the corners in this generation, making it look a little more like a classic iPad even if the screen is the same shape. It’s not Full HD, and you have to put up with Amazon’s service-saturated interface. But this is a perfect casual tablet and dramatically better than anything else you’ll find around £100, let alone £50. It is also more powerful than every other big-name tablet at twice the cost.
What’s the real saving? Amazon products like the Fire HD 8 are always a great deal over Prime Day and Black Friday. Discounts rarely beat those of Amazon’s gear. To get a significantly better non-Amazon tablet you’ll have to switch up to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. It’s also on sale during Prime Day season, but is still three times the price at £150.
Click here to save £45 on the Amazon Fire HD 8
£200 off a Samsung Galaxy Book S, now £800

What is it? Samsung had been absent from the UK/EU laptop scene for years until the end of 2019, when it announced the Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Ion and Galaxy Book Flex. All three are on sale. All three are tasty. Let’s focus on the Galaxy Book S because, at £200 off, you get the best saving. It’s the most laptop-like of the three, with no touchscreen or stylus. But it’s anything but ordinary. The Book S weighs less than a kilo and has battery life of up to 25 hours thanks to its Snapdragon-series CPU. Buy the Ion or Flex if you want to run Photoshop, but this is a dream for ultra-portable use with the basics.
What’s the real saving The Samsung Galaxy Book S has sold at Amazon for £999 since its launch, aside from a couple of days when it dropped down to £849. We’ve never seen it this low before. For sheer bang for your buck, the Huawei Matebook 13 is arguably a better buy. However, it is 30 per cent heavier than the Book S.
Click here to save £200 on a Samsung Galaxy Book S
£90 off a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, now £530

What is it? The Galaxy Tab S7 is Samsung’s top iPad alternative. And unlike an Apple tablet, you get a smart stylus in the box. Samsung switched to an LCD screen for this generation, but it’s an 120Hz display, which also allows for incredible 9ms response times for the S-Pen. Those desperate for OLED colour pop can buy the last-gen Galaxy Tab S6 instead. It’s also on sale for Prime Day, but as it’s the same price we recommend the new model. The Tab S7 is also as powerful as any Android phone. It uses Qualcomm’s blazing Snapdragon 865+ processor, ready for anything Android can throw its way.
What’s the real saving? The deepest Prime Day discounts are often those on older products, from less popular brands than Samsung. You save £90 off the original price, but that standard retail price is exactly what you’ll pay elsewhere 95 per cent of the time making this discount worth your time. The Tab S7 and Tab S7+ only went on sale at the tail end of August: they are virtually brand new. The larger 12.4in Galaxy Tab S7+ is also on sale if the bigger display appeals.
Click here to save £90 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
£40 off an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, now £80

What is it? The Kindle Paperwhite is the sweet spot in Amazon’s ereader line-up. It’s smaller and more affordable than Oasis, but is much better-made than the basic Kindle. Sure, the entry-level Kindle now has a display light. But the Paperwhite’s screen is sharper, it’s water resistant and ready for bath time, and flat-out feels nicer. The lower-cost Kindle and Oasis (now £160) ereaders are on sale too, but the Paperwhite will suit most people.
What’s the real saving? The current-gen Paperwhite has never been this cheap before. Amazon offered up a big discount last Black Friday, £85. You save even more on Prime Day. Short-term Kindle price drops are reasonably common, but the Paperwhite usually dips to £99, not £79. In the weeks before Prime Day you could pay as much for a second-hand one on eBay. There is no better time to buy a Kindle.
Click here to get a Kindle Paperwhite for £80
Also consider
£40 off Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, now £99: The answer to ‘what decent tablet can I get under £100?’ usually begins and ends with Amazon but not so this week as Samsung’s 8-inch Galaxy Tab A8 dips below £100.
£60 off an Amazon Fire HD 10, now £90: Need more proof Prime Day is really all about selling Amazon devices? You can get a whopping £60 off the Fire HD 10, a fantastic deal given this thing has a perfectly good Full HD 10.1-inch screen. That’s all you need for Netflix. It’s great for gaming too.
£41 off a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, now £299: Almost all of Samsung’s tablets are on sale this Prime Day, including the excellent Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. This one does not have an ultra-high resolution screen (“just” 1200p), but the (included) stylus is great. It’s the only budget tablet where real creative flair comes bundled.
£219 off a Surface Laptop 3, now £779: The Surface Laptop 3 from Microsoft is a slice of computing perfection. Build, keyboard quality and design are all fantastic. We love the price, too, although mull on the relatively low 128GB storage before buying.
£20 off an Amazon Fire HD 7, now £30: A real big-brand tablet for £30? This Amazon Fire HD 7 deal looks like a mis-price. It’s the perfect family buy, although parents of young kids should also consider Amazon’s dedicated Kids’ Editions.

Headphones and audio deals

Fancy a Bluetooth speaker or some noise cancelling cans? You’re in luck. AirPods, who?
£15 off a Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, now £30

What is it? This Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is still well worth investing in, despite being succeeded by a second version, which is in our WIRED Recommends best Bluetooth speakers list. Yes, the V2 has slightly bigger sound and battery life (you still get 10 hours of playback on this one), but this was merely icing on an already superb BT speaker. Tiny, waterproof (it even floats) and a sonic joy, UE’s Wonderboom is our go-to travel speaker.
What’s the real saving? This is a saving of between £15 and £60 off the RRP in reality as you can find the Wonderboom for around £45 these days in many places. Still, an extra £15 off this great speaker is still a worthy deal, and is by far the cheapest you’ll grab a Wonderboom anywhere right now.
Click here to save £15 on the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
£39 off Jabra Elite 75t earbuds, now £130

What is it? These Jabra Elite 75t earbuds have been called by some the best AirPods alternative around. An improved, smaller design means they are more comfortable, have good sound quality with thumping bass, plus a better carrying case results in a total audio playback time of 28 hours.
What’s the real saving? This is a welcome saving of £40 as both John Lewis and Currys are selling these at the full RRP when we last checked.
Click here to save £39 on the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds
£80 off Beats Studio3 Wireless, now £170

What is it? Beats headphones divide an audience, but the Beats Studio3 Wireless are a sure-fire hit at £170. They have excellent Bluetooth transmission, particularly if you own an iPhone, active noise cancellation and full-size pads for fatigue-free long-term listening. At their £300 original price they’ll struggle to keep up with pairs like the Sony WH-1000XM4. But at £170 any issues with their less than perfect mid-bass reproduction fade in the background.
What’s the real saving? You’ll still pay £300 for a pair of Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones if you head to the Apple Store website. You can find them cheaper elsewhere online, but nothing matches Amazon’s £170 at the time of publishing. £249 is the cheapest this pair has been at Amazon to date.
Click here to save £80 on the Beats Studio3 Wireless
£79 off Bose SoundLink Color II + Bose Frames, now £201

What is it? This combo deal of Bose SoundLink Color II + Bose Frames audio sunglasses is well worth considering. The Bose SoundLink Color II has good sound and loads of features all packed into a small, splash-proof body. The Bose Frames are impressive, with surprisingly good audio despite the sound emanating from the frames and nothing actually in your ears. Ideal for podcast fiends or if you just want to keep aware of your surroundings.
What’s the real saving? This is a saving of over £135 but if you fish around you can pick up both for a combined £280. So this still makes the combo a good deal.
Click here to save £79 on the Bose SoundLink Color II + Bose Frames
£40 off wireless Echo Buds, now £80

What is it? The Echo Buds are Amazon’s first truly wireless pair of earbuds. With Bose’s active noise reduction – so not quite cancellation – technology, a surprisingly comfy fit and Alexa integration, they’re pretty good for what they are. Whilst Alexa might not be that great at comprehending our simplest requests, if you’re an Amazonaniac, then they’re a pretty good deal for the Prime Day price.What’s the real saving? The Echo Buds usually cost £120, which in our opinion, is a little pricey for what they are. But with a solid forty smackers off the original price, the Echo Buds just became a pretty good buy.
Click here to get the Echo Buds for £80
Also consider
£91 off Bose SoundLink II, now £118: Comfortable to wear, controlled audio and a battery good for 15 hours of playback.
£40 off Panasonic RZ-S300WE-G True Wireless, now £50: With a restrained design comes good sound, impressive features and laudable wireless strength.
£40 off Sony WH-H910N NC headphones, now £159: You get sound that is darn close to the mighty WH-1000XM3s, good noise cancellation and a long battery life. Winner.
£120 off Bowers & Wilkins PX7s, now £229: B&W’s superlative noise-cancellers have insightful sound, three-tiered noise cancellation and a quality design.
£50 off Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds, now £90: You get an understated design, excellent battery life and balanced sound – but, most importantly, a reliable wireless connection.
£30 off Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker, now £89: Punchy, sound and a rugged design make this a fine portable speaker.
Smartphone deals
The Chinese companies are more willing than most to slash phone prices in the sales, no doubt on account of them being so cheap in the first place we can buy them outright.
£39 off a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, now £140

What is it? The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 hasn’t been given the attention it deserves. It should lure some of you budget buyers away from the Moto G series. It has a, for the price, fantastic screen. Full HD resolution and a 6.53-inch diagonal, the display doesn’t seem far off that of a £1,000 phone. Battery life is also superb thanks to a 5,020mAh cell. The Note 9 was a bargain at £179, and is only a better deal at £139.
What’s the real saving? While Amazon claims the Note 9 sells for £180, it has actually priced the phone at £155 before. Still, this is an “every penny matters” purchase, so even a £15 drop is worth celebrating. Xiaomi dropped the price to £140 on its own store the day before Prime Day started. You can buy direct if you’d prefer.
Click here to save £39 on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9
Also consider
£100 off a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max, now £790: iPhone 11 phones are less attractive than they were yesterday, now the iPhone 12 has been announced. But an iPhone 11 Pro Max for £790 is still a deal given the new model starts at £1,099. It’s a renewed phone but the listing says there will be no “visible” signs of use from 30cm distance.
£65 off Samsung Galaxy A51, now £364: The best-selling Android phone in the first half of 2020 should not be sniffed at, especially as the 5G model dips below £400 for Prime Day, putting it almost on par with the 4G A51.
£100 off Oppo Find X2 Lite, now £299: Isn’t that the new OnePlus? One of them. And you get a lot of specs for your money here: 6.4in screen, Snapdragon 765G, a big 4,025mah and 5G.
£30 off Samsung Galaxy S20, now £649: Down from a recent Amazon price of £679, the standard-sized S20 is now available for a touch under £650. The price it should have been? Maybe. But this is still a very, very solid Android choice, particularly for those with normal sized hands.
£100 off the Huawei P40 Pro, now £700: Good on you for even reading this entry. Owning a new Huawei in 2020 is a challenge what with the lack of Google services but hey, second lockdowns are looming and the P40 Pro takes great pics and lasts for ages. Do you speak ‘sideload’?
TV and home cinema deals
Bargain TVs get more bargainous – though watch out for some terrible deals elsewhere – and it’s soundbar season.
Get an LG OLED TV, Switch, games + earbuds for £1,508 from Currys

What is it? OK bear with us, for this LG OLED55CX6LA deal to make sense you need to want an OLED TV and a Nintendo Switch at the same time. But if you do, you effectively get a superb LG TV at £300 below its usual price, and a Nintendo Switch with two games for around £120. Animal Crossing and Minecraft are included, and they are anything but console bundle filler. The LG OLED is also a recent 2020 model, and has the HDMI 2.1 inputs you’ll want when the Xbox Series X and PS5 arrive. Use the code on the product page and you’ll also get a pair of LG FN4 true wireless earphones worth £120.
What’s the real saving? If the stars align correctly, this bundle saves you a lot of money. The LG OLED55CX6LA sells separately on Prime Day for £1399. Add that to a Switch package worth at least £340 and the lowest online price of the LG FN4, £100, and you get £1839. That’s £331 off other Prime Day prices.
Click here to save £331 on the LG/Switch Currys bundle
£220 off an LG CineBeam UST projector, now £729

What is it? The clue is in the name, but this LG CineBeam HF65LSR UST is an “Ultra Short Throw” LED laser projector. This means you get a Full HD picture from a small box that need only be 38cm away from a wall if you want the max 100in screen. You can also do wireless screen sharing.
What’s the real saving? This is a saving of £220 on RRP, and some retailers are even charging over £1,000 for this UST projector. (Including Amazon as recently as last week).
Click here to save £220 on the LG CineBeam HF65LSR
£56 off an LG SN7CY soundbar with Dolby Atmos, now £244

What is it? This LG SN7CY is a one-box Atmos soundbar that offers upfiring speakers for a bargain price. Impressively detailed sound marries with an attractive design – but you need higher volumes for the bass to kick in.
What’s the real saving? This is a saving of over £155 off the £400 RRP. However, note that it was already on offer on Amazon and Currys, selling at £300. It’s still £400 at John Lewis, though.
Click here to save £56 on the LG SN7CY
£149 off an Anker Mars Nebula II projector, now £420

What is it? The Nebula Mars II Pro by Anker is one of the few portable projectors worth owning. It’s cute as a cartoon puppy, has an Android-based interface that lets you install apps like Netflix directly on the thing. And when we tested the non-Pro version we were able to throw up a respectable 100-inch image in a dark room. This Pro projector is brighter, with 500ANSI lumens instead of the 300 lumens we tested. Most portable projects are trash. This one isn’t.
What’s the real saving? £569 is the normal price for this projector. And it has spent almost all of its life at Amazon that price. It has spent no more than few days at £420 before, the last time in January 2020. Portable projectors are often deep discounted, but this one is not. It’s most likely because the Mars II is one of the few highly regarded battery-operated models.
Click here to save £149 on the Anker Mars Nebula II
Also consider
£342 off the LG HU85LS 4K UHD CineBeam projector, now £3,999: Yes, more than £300 off this laser projector with superb pictures and a classy design makes it hard to ignore (if you can spare the cash).
£40 off this Panasonic DP-UB150EB-K 4K Blu-Ray player, now £109: This no-frills Blu-ray player offers superb pictures, impactful sound and at this price is excellent value.
£150 off a Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar, now £949: Gloriously accomplished Dolby Atmos sound with weighty bass and fine detail.
£175 off this Philips 65-in 4K Smart TV, now £600: Whether you’re an Ambilight fan or not, the inclusion of HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and Alexa Built-in makes this a worthy TV.
£25 off a Roku Streaming Stick+, now £35: An excellent all-round video streamer, with stable 4K picture, fast buffering and an easy-to-use interface.
PC & gaming deals
ROG that rig with monitors, keyboards and sadly just the £10 off the Nintendo Switch…
£25 off a Corsair M65 ELITE RGB mouse, now £40

What is it? The Corsair M65 ELITE RGB is an advanced gaming mouse with absolute feature overkill. But when you’re paying just £40 for it, we don’t mind the OTT gaming approach. Its resolution heads up to 18,000dpi, and can be customised in 1dpi steps. Pure ridiculousness. However, we are big fans of the comfort of its lines, the customisable weight loading and the quality of its switches. The M65 uses Omron components, rated for 50 million actuations.
What’s the real saving? Sorry folks, the Corsair M65 ELITE RGB has been cheaper at Amazon before. But it was during last year’s Black Friday, when it sold for £35. It has spent most of the time since hovering between £50 and £60 and Amazon has specified Black Friday 2020 prices won’t be lower than Prime Day this year.
Click here to save £25 on a Corsair M65 ELITE RGB mouse
£25 off the 1TB SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD, now £85

What is it? The 1TB SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD is not the highest-performance SSD you’ll find on sale during Prime Day. If you want that, buy the on-sale Samsung Evo 970 Plus instead. However, we think its combination of very solid performance, high capacity and low price make it the perfect crowd-pleaser. You’ll see writes of up to 530MB/s, and the enclosed SATA design makes it easier to use as an external drive with as little as a £3 cable from eBay.
What’s the real saving? This SSD sold at the same price last Black Friday, but has otherwise been gradually dropping from its original £300 in 2017. Since January it has hovered around £110, occasionally jumping to around £130. It’s a hot deal if you need more room for game installs.
Click here to save £25 on the 1TB SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD
Also consider
£170 off an ASUS TUF FX505, down to £630: Buy this laptop if you want a reasonably priced everyday laptop that can also handle plenty of games. You can play Red Dead Redemption 2 at around 30fps, “high” settings, but plenty of less GPU-melting titles will get much closer to 60fps.
HP Pavilion 15-dk1019na is £150 off, now £1,000: The HP Pavilion 15-dk1019na is a good fit for 1080p gaming, and is one of the cheaper options if you want to try out ray tracing in games. Retailer Very charges the £1,150 asking price for the same model, and the upgrade from the cheaper GTX 1650 Ti version is well worth the money.
14 per cent off, or more, or Dell laptops: Dell started its Prime Day alternative sale the day before Amazon kicked off. You can get 14 per cent off laptops like the XPS 15 and XPS 13, but keep an eye out for the time-limited and stock-limited Mega Deals, which save you even more.
This Nerf Fortnite TS Blaster is down to £21: The Nerf Fortnite TS Blaster is a good way to get your Fortnite obsessed kids, nieces and nephews away from screens this Christmas. It’s a pump-action Nerf gun based on the blaster from Fortnite. Much more sensible than a semi-automatic, which is likely to end in tears.
£120 off the Acer Predator XB271HU, now £480: The Acer Predator XB271HU is a high-end gaming monitor with max 165Hz refresh rate and G-Sync. You get a 27in 1440p monitor at a price closer to the 24in 1080p version.

Smartwatch and fitness deals

Look down at your wrist. Is there an Apple Watch on it? If not, here are some fitness tracker, smartwatch and sports watch deals worth your time, plus our pick of running and walking shoes in the sale.
£74 off Garmin Fenix 6, now £356

What is it? The Garmin Fenix 6 is another discounted Garmin for Prime Day. The premium-premium Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire Edition is our absolute money-no-object Garmin pick, but that’s an £800 beast that won’t be for everyone. With the basic Fenix 6, you get a sports watch that’s still crammed with features for running, cycling and the outdoors, just missing a few luxuries.
What’s the real saving? The headline Prime Day deal price is 33% off. It’s actually more like 18% off the £430 of the Fenix 6 for most of this summer. The RRP is way up, at £530 and recently, this model has sold for around £470.
Click here to get the Garmin Fenix 6 for £356
£120 off a Vango Odyssey Airbeam 600 tent, now £280

What is it? Rejoice, the Vango Odyssey Airbeam 600 is an inflatable tent. These take all the struggle, strike and arguments out of a camping holiday’s first few hours. You simply inflate the tent and, within about 10 minutes, you’re done. It’s a 6-man tent with 4000HH water resistance and a light-reducing bedroom section so you won’t wake up at dawn. This is a relatively old model. It has been out for a little over five years, but the design still holds up.
What’s the real saving? The Vango Amalfi 600 is a newer version of this design, and it costs £400 online. Amazon also sold the Odyssey, on offer here, for £400 before Prime Day. It’s a legit deal. Some tent rental companies even charge £140 for this very same tent for a week-long holiday.
Click here to get the Vango Odyssey Airbeam 600 for £280
Also consider
£67 off Suunto 7 sports watch, now £314: This Suunto sports smartwatch – GPS, HR, Wear OS, big enough battery – has been down to £383 lately but never as low as this, which is closer to its ‘used’ price.
£48 off Vango Waterproof Apollo 500 Dome tent, now £115: As above, Vango tents have been known to withstand serious showers in WIRED’s rigorous testing, and this very sensible, five-person tent comes with an all-in-one flysheet for speedy setup.
£38.50 off Nokia Body Cardio, now £91: Smart scales are, just about, still a thing, and this Nokia/Withings one does BMI, muscle mass etc. The most useful thing being a handy graph of your progress in the companion app, of course.
£39 off Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX, now £87: Under Armour aren’t the only sports brand snipping sneaker prices this week. Pick up a pair of these Speedcross trail running shoes with cushioning and stability from EVA midsoles. As ever with shoes, the deal depends on the size and style.
Merrell Siren Traveller women’s hiking boots, down to £54: Merrell is a solid outdoors brand, and these women’s walking boots are low-rise with light insole support. Spot on for casual walks.
Smart home and appliance deals
We’re using a very broad application of the phrase ‘smart home’ here. As in: smart things you’d put inside your home.
£47 off an Oral-B Genius X toothbrush, down to £130
What is it? How do you make an electric toothbrush smart? The Oral-B Genius X connects to your phone using Bluetooth. Motion sensors can tell what part of your mouth is being cleaned, and the app on your phone works out which areas you do not give enough attention to. This bundle includes four brush heads and a travel case with USB charging.
What’s the real saving? You’ll often find Oral-B toothbrushes sold for less than their official price, but this bundle has not been this low on Amazon since Black Friday 2019. Some other retailers have also dropped the price of the Genius X, but most sell the version without extra heads. That’s also available on Amazon during Prime Day for £119.
Click to get the Oral-B Genius X Luxe for £130
£46 off a king size Emma Original mattress, down to £388

What is it? The Emma Original bed-in-a-box mattress is our recommendation for regulating temperature, based on our testing. We like the breathable foam construction, soft to the touch top coat cover and the support we got from the 25cm mattress.
What’s the real saving? Amazon says it’s £191 off the king size – we beg to differ, making it more like £46 off the pretty regular recent Amazon price of £434. Still. Emma does a good range of sizes and all of these – single, small double (handy), double, super king – appear to be reduced for Prime Day.
Click here to get the Emma Original mattress (king) for £388
Also consider
£90 off Campingaz Woody LX Gas BBQ, now £210: The Campingaz Woody LX is a gas barbeque with three stainless steel burners. It has a wheeled bottom, to let you move it around easily. We had a shop around for this model as the Prime Day deal went live and the cheapest price we could find online (not from Amazon) was £270. This is a good saving.
£40 off Yale IA-210 Intruder Alarm Starter Kit, now £160: This Yale Alarm Starter Kit includes a control panel, siren, motion detector, a door sensor, and two tags to activate and deactivate the system. Supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
£150 off Sage the Barista Express Machine, now £400: Sage is a dependable luxe kitchen brand and the Barista Express features an integrated conical burr grinder that grinds up the coffee beans directly into the filter.
£28 off Nespresso Vertuo Plus, now £70: A trusty coffee machine from Krups, the Vertuo Plus takes three capsule sizes and handles alto, coffee, gran lungo, espresso and double espresso.


£54 off Babyliss 3Q, now £45: This is our favourite budget hairdryer, based on our testing. We like its ergonomic body and its performance when faced with long hair. It’s been selling for £100-£110 for most of the past three months, with a few dips closer to this Prime Day price.
£68 off Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C, now £153: We wouldn’t usually recommend a robot vac below even a £450 price point, but when this slightly older Eufy model is down from £220 to £153, you might want to take a punt. It has all the voice control mod-cons, just be prepared to assist with a stick.

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