The best gaming mouse for every type of gamer

DPI: 16,000 | Polling rate: 1,000Hz | Number of buttons: six | Endurance rating: 20 million clicks | RGB LEDs: yes | Profile storage: yes | Adjustable weights: No | Connectivity: USB | Dimensions: 71 x 128 x 42mm | Weight: 95g

The HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro (£32) is the cheapest rodent in this round-up, but don’t think that corners have been cut to achieve its price – instead, HyperX has trimmed the fat to deliver a focused gaming mouse.
It uses a conventional six-button design with RGB LEDs in the scroll-wheel and the HyperX logo, and on the inside it has a superb 16,000 DPI sensitivity level – more than enough for mainstream gaming or esports. Its 450 IPS speed level and 50g acceleration force match top-tier mice, and the Pulsefire has on-board profile storage and DPI adjustment alongside full button customisation.
The Pulsefire looks the part, with gunmetal grey plastic throughout, and build quality is good. The textured areas on the left- and right-hand sides are excellent, and the device glides well across all surfaces.
It’s tall, at 42mm, which makes it good for most grip types – the only people who will struggle are those who use a fingertip grip with smaller hands.
Performance is good, with Omron-powered buttons that are fast, consistent and responsive. The lower price means that the buttons are a tad softer and a little deeper than those on pricier peripherals, but the vast majority of gamers won’t be affected by this. Similarly, the scroll-wheel is light, but that’s a minor complaint.
The only other issue is the Pulsefire’s 20 million click endurance rating. That’s fine for mainstream gaming, but it’s a long way behind more expensive products.
The lower endurance level and softer buttons just won’t impact on most gamers, though. This HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro delivers a focussed, effective experience for all sorts of scenarios – not just FPS titles. It’s an excellent budget option.
Pros: Good mainstream quality; high-end specification Cons: Slightly soft buttons; lower endurance rating

Price: £33 | Check price on Amazon | Argos | Currys
Roccat Kain 120 Aimo
High quality and consistent performance on a budget

DPI: 16,000 | Polling rate: 1,000Hz | Number of buttons: six | Endurance rating: 50 million clicks | RGB LEDs: yes | Profile storage: Five | Adjustable weights: n/a | Connectivity: USB | Dimensions: 65 x 124 x 43mm | Weight: 89g

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