The best Google Assistant compatible devices to build out your smart home

In the meantime, if you need a security camera stat, the Nest Cam Indoor (£129) and Nest Cam Outdoor (£179) are good devices that work well, record in decent quality 1080p HD video and can alert you when they spot people, hear someone talking or a dog barking (if you pay for the monthly Nest Aware subscription). That subscription also gets you “event-based recoding” or full 24/7 rolling footage if you pony up a bit more each month. It’s £5 a month for smart alerts and event recording for as many cameras as you want, or £10 a month for that 24/7 recording goodness.
Also consider: The other camera option that works almost as well with Google is the Arlo range. Their cameras are one of the few that also stream in the Google Home app (most others only show up on smart displays or Chromecast-enabled devices). The Arlo Essential Indoor Camera (£120) is a wired camera with good quality 1080p HD video and a 12x digital zoom, and if you pay for Arlo Smart you get people, animal and vehicle alerts on top of motion recording. 
For outside, the Arlo Ultra 2 (£630) provides superb 4K video, plus a built-in spotlight and siren – security features none of the Nest Cams offer, currently. They are wire free too, so no faffing around with power cables, although the Nest Cam Outdoor does have a weatherproof cable and plug, so you don’t have to drill through the wall. 

Price: From £129 | Check price on John Lewis | Argos | Google 
Nest Wifi
The best mesh Wi-Fi for Google Home 

The single most important thing any smart home needs is good Wi-Fi. If yours sucks, you may need a mesh system – and there’s no better choice for a Google Home than … you’ve guessed it, Nest Wifi (from £129). Not only will these pretty little gadgets help spread Wi-Fi to your front door so your video doorbell works and your backyard so that security camera can upload its footage, but they also act as Nest smart speakers, with Google Assistant baked right in. 
The Nest Wifi system is made up of a Router (which plugs into your modem) and Points, which go around your house. The number of Points you get depends how big your house is, but they’re the ones with the smart speaker built-in, so are great for adding voice control to more rooms. 
The Nest Wifi setup also includes Bluetooth Low Energy and Thread radios in the devices, alongside the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi radios. These will help you set up smart home devices (you can use them as hubs to connect Philips Hue Bluetooth bulbs to, for example). Plus, the Thread radio (which is also in the Nest Hub and Hub Max) will be a big part of a future protocol coming to the smart home, CHIP – Connected home over IP. This promises to get all the disparate smart home ecosystems talking to each other. Yeah. We’ll see. 
In the meantime, one of our favourite uses for Nest Wifi is talking to it and telling it “Hey Google, it’s dinnertime” which tells it to shut off the internet to all our kids’ devices. Genius, Google. Genius.
Price: From £129 | Check price on John Lewis | Argos | Google 

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