The best robot vacuums for any budget in 2021

With mopping, or more specifically, wiping with a wet cloth, on board, we wouldn’t recommend this model to anyone with a house full of carpets, but if you have a mix it works well, and based on the schedule it will automatically clean the dry rooms first, before moving onto the vacuum and wet mop areas. Clever.
And one final bonus for pet owners, the dedicated pet mode increases power to compensate for extra hair and the cameras will be on high alert for any unwanted little presents left on the rug. It can even take a photo and send it to you, which is infinitely more appealing that the alternative outcome.
Pros: Simple setup; good speed; obstacle avoidance; impressive mapping, controlled mopping Cons: Can’t tidy as it vacuums

Price: £529 | Check price on Amazon | MyRobotCenter
Dyson 360 Heurist
The best robot vacuum for deep cleaning

Run time: 70min (on quiet mode)| Power levels: 3 | Bagged or bagless? Bagless | Accs: charging dock
Despite not being able to see in the dark, we were impressed by how well Dyson’s original robotic cleaner, the 360 Eye, cleaned. It picked up brilliantly, especially on carpets, and thankfully the 2.0 version continues, and improves upon, this tradition, with powerful cleaning that puts the competition to shame.
The 360 Heurist (£800) takes the same basic form as the original – albeit with a swanky blue paint job – but most other aspects have been improved. This doesn’t make it the best robotic vacuum available, but it is significantly better than its predecessor. The V2 motor spins at 78,000rpm, generating 20 per cent more suction, battery life is almost doubled to 70min, there’s a new quad-core processor and 10GB of on-board memory for storing and even refining room maps, plus eight LEDs have been added to the camera module so it can finally see in the dark.
Being able to clean properly with the light off, or under the bed, is a big improvement, especially as you’ll ideally be using the Heurist when rooms are empty, although we’re keen not to heap too much praise on Dyson for this improvement. It really shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place.
Connecting the Heurist to our Wi-Fi took a few seconds, and, unlike the original, didn’t require the inputting of serial numbers, just our Wi-Fi password and the Dyson Link app. Once connected and charged, we could map rooms (without cleaning), assign safe zones, adjust the power levels for different floor types, and schedule cleaning jobs. We did have some connectivity issues where the Heurist dropped off the network, but overall, it was there when we needed it.

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