The future of work, collaboration and experience

Recorded on: April 21, 2020

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Watch the virtual briefing with John Maeda, Chief experience officer at Publicis Sapient, and Greg Williams, Editor of WIRED as they discuss the future of work, collaboration and experience in the era of remote working brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

In this punchy, conversational 25-minute session, Maeda shares his perspective on the future of customer experience, the balance of efficiency and effectiveness (yes, the toilet roll shortage is due to a lack of the latter) and the importance of being digitally prepared.

Maeda will soon launch a report on customer experience and computational experience, in which he gathers trends related to how business happens in the computational era, and builds on this to look deeper at business implications of how computation is transforming customer experience.

When asked about the impact of millions of people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on customer experience, Maeda muses:

“With this shift to C-19, everyone realised suddenly we’re at home and so easily tracked. It’s unbelievable how all our transactions are now surveilled so easily. So the computational experiences that will come in two years from now, are going to be spookily good because they know so much about us.”

The 2020 CX Report will go live on John’s YouTube channel johnmaedaislearning at 1:00pm (UK time) on Friday, May 22nd 2020.

Request a copy of the report here.

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In this video, Maeda demonstrates the value of understanding how computers work – rather than viewing them as something alien and altogether enigmatic. He walks the audience through the crucial lessons from technology and computation in the last decades, and details how today’s machines are different from the ones which have come before.

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About John Maeda:

Maeda is an American technologist, designer, engineer, artist, investor, author and teacher. He is Chief Experience Officer at Publicis Sapient, the technology consulting and delivery arm of communications and marketing conglomerate Publicis. He has held positions with Automattic, the parent company of; venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins; served as president of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD); and began his early career at the MIT Media Lab at the intersection of computer science and visual art.

Maeda draws on his diverse background as an MIT-trained engineer, award-winning designer and MBA-community translator to bring people and ideas together at scale. He is the author of several celebrated books, including The Laws of Simplicity and Redesigning Leadership. He has appeared as a speaker all over the world, from Davos to Beijing to São Paulo to New York, and his talks for TED have received millions of views.

About WIRED Virtual Briefings:

Designed as an extension of WIRED’s long-running live conference portfolio, WIRED virtual briefings are punchy, deliberate and engaging sessions that reflect the same high calibre of speakers and programming featured at a WIRED event. This briefing is part of the WIRED Insight COVID-19 series, curated by Greg Williams, Editor of WIRED.

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