TikTok Shares New Overview of ‘Unique Opportunities for Brands’ on its Platform [Infographic]

Is it just me or does everyone else find TikTok’s brand and marketing offerings to be a little vague and non-specific?

For example, TikTok recently launched its new TikTok for Business platform, which provides a range of case studies, and emphasizes the company’s “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks” call to action for marketers. But it doesn’t provide a lot of actionable tools for doing so. There are brand tools on offer, like its Creator Marketplace for influencer marketing, and some advertisers have access to its self-serve ad platform. But the overall advice and guidance provided by TikTok is a bit underwhelming – or just not actionable enough in itself, and more based on generalized notes.

Which brings me to TikTok’s latest brand advice overview, this time focusing on the unique opportunities for businesses on the platform.

As per TikTok: 

“From creativity to culture, sound to seamlessness, we’re delighted to offer brands a range of opportunities to connect with the TikTok community. Check out these “distinctively TikTok” characteristics that make it such a dynamic place for connecting with users, building brands and driving real business results.”

I mean, are they “distinctively TikTok”? Most social platforms offer similar – though the notes on TikTok’s “sound on” focus are relevant, and there are some interesting considerations in relation to building community.

Either way, if you’re looking to get into TikTok marketing, we’ve collected its latest advice into the below infographic. The platform continues to grow (though the recent ban in India will hurt), and there may well be opportunities for your brand in the app, if you’re comfortable using it.

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