Twitter Launches New ‘Carousels’ Ad Format Option

Yesterday, Twitter announced a new addition to its ad format options: Carousels. With the launch of Twitter’s new Carousels format, marketers can now add up to six images or videos in an ad.

Carousel ads have been a popular choice for marketers advertising on other social platforms for many years, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Why is this? It’s simple: marketers are seeing positive results when using Carousel ads. To prove it, look at any Carousel ad study and you’ll find these ads out-perform standard, static-image ads significantly. 

Sprout Social reports that Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram drive 10 times more web traffic for businesses than the counter single-image ads. Then there’s a Facebook study that reports Carousel ads driving a 72% higher click-through rate than single images.

These ads (on average) deliver positive results and advertisers love having the option to use this format.

Before Twitter made the decision to upgrade its ad options, the company wanted to make sure these stats and success stories would work on Twitter as well as it has on other platforms. Twitter ran extensive tests prior-to-launch which, ultimately, proved it’s value.

Mobile Marketer reports:

“App carousel ads boosted installs per impression an average of 24% compared with single-asset formats, while website carousel ads boosted the average clickthrough rate (CTR) about 15%, Twitter found in its testing of the carousel format.”

If the stats aren’t convincing enough, Twitter put together a list of benefits to encourage the use of the new ad format.

Twitter Shares Carousel Ads Benefits

In Twitter’s announcement, they’ve shared some major benefits of Carousels:

“Carousel ads on Twitter help marketers reach new audiences and drive people to their website or app through multiple images or videos — all within a single ad.

With more creative space and flexibility, you can seamlessly transition through various products, highlight specific features, or tell a brand story that develops across two to six Carousel cards.”


  • The multi-image style carousel ad encourages engagement from users. People will spend more time looking at and interacting with your ad which, at the very minimum, helps with brand awareness. 

  • Carousels can be used to achieve a variety of goals: web traffic, engagement, brand awareness, etc. You will find Carousels available across all Website & App objectives as well as Video Views with Video Carousels. 

  • These are easy-to-create ads. Carousels follow the same simple steps and creative specifications as our other image & video formats, allowing you time to focus on creativity and your story. 

  • Similar to other ads, Twitter offers analytics and strong metric to help you test, learn and adjust your ad strategy. 

Carousels are now available globally. Marketers can create these ads in their Ads Manager or through the API.

For more information, see Twitter’s announcement here.

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