What is the best bed in a box mattress for 2020? Simba vs Nectar vs Eve – November 2020 Update

Update for November 2020- Black Friday 2020 Offers

I have also updated review counts, scores and pricing. Trust pilot have switched the scoring system to out of 5 to match their stars

Black Friday offers are now live with £125 off Nectar, up to 35% off with Simba and 35% off Emma

While mattresses may not be strictly a technology topic, I do cover a lot of fitness and health topics, and one of the most important aspects of health is your sleep. There is also a lot of consumer interest in the new bed in a box style of mattress that has become very popular in recent years.

All these mattresses are based around some form of memory foam which they often brand with their own unique names to differentiate themselves from other companies.

Some of these mattresses are hybrid, they combine the memory foam with pockets springs, but in reality, the pocket springs are so small I am not sure how much of a difference they make in comparison.

I recently reviewed the Simba Sleep Hybrid mattress which is a hybrid mattress with 20mm conical pocket springs enclosed in a 100% polyester pocket.

I came away from the review very impressed and think it is worthy of all the glowing reviews it receives.

Similarly, I have previously reviewed the Rem Fit 400 which I was also impressed with but over a period of time, I found it to be quite hot to sleep in.

Similar to my Mesh Router guide I wanted to see how all these mattresses compared to each other based on consumer opinion.

I have put a simple table together comparing most of the major names in the bed in a box industry, this includes the price of a king and a double which I have taken before any discounts that may exist. With a lot of these companies, they offer regular discounts so it is worth checking which one has the best discount at the time of buying.

During my research, there were some a few stand out points.

Nectar – £125 off for Black Friday Deal

Nectar is one of the fastest-growing ecommerce companies in the world selling more than 50,000 beds and generating $55 million in revenue in the first year of business. They have recently landed in the UK and they stand out in my list due to the 365 day trial period. The none discounted price is a little more than others but I would be tempted to pay the extra for that crazy trial period. They also offer a lifetime warranty which is far longer than other brands.

I have reviewed the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress back in January and have continued to use the mattress since. While not the cheapest memory foam mattress on the market, it is cheaper than Simba and includes two free pillows. Considering I have used this for three months and still love it, this would be my personal preference. So far both me and my partner have found it very comfortable, it isn’t too warm and we have had no issues with backaches or other joint pains.

While the RRP is £799 for a King, it has been £699 + two free pillows since the start of the year.

Simba Sleep Hybrid and Hybrid Pro – 35% off for Black Friday

Simba is comfortably the most reviewed product on the market with nearly 8k Trustpilot reviews and a score of 9.4. It is also well-reviewed on many other sites, so as far as this style of beds goes, I would say it should be high up on your list of choices.

There have been a few changes since I originally wrote this post. For a start they have double the trial length to 200-days. They have also launched a new Pro model which features a pure wool layer offering superior heat regulation than competing brands. You can read my Simba Hybrid Pro review here.

I reviewed the Simba at the end of 2018, and the reviews do it justice, it is excellent. Recently Simba increased the price of their King to £749, it is still a great mattress and I think most people will be happy with the purchase, but based on price, trial and warranty, I think the Nectar is the better option.

Eve – 35% off for Black Friday

Eve has slipped in ratings recently but they are still a popular choice having the 3rd most reviews on Trustpilot. Unlike Simba, they have multiple mattress options as well as toppers and bed frames.

Emma Mattresses* 35% off on Amazon for Black Friday

This is the 2nd most reviewed option on the list and apparently topped the Which independent reviews as well as receiving favourable reviews from other critics. Emma were at the bottom of the list at one point, with a lot of issues regarding delivery. They have somehow turned this arround and are now equal first.

They also offer a 200 day trial, so Simba, Emma and Nectar are the three brands I would personally look to buy from.

*Amazon Link

Tweak Slumber

The most expensive option on the list and it doesn’t have the best reviews, but they are worth mentioning for the unusual concept. With this company they have two choices the Nrem is modular with interchangeable foam inserts. Choose from super soft, soft, medium and firm for each of the 5 body zones.

The Duo has split comfort for partners, allowing one partner to have a soft mattress and the other firm. This is a good option if both people are very different in size and shape.

November 2020 Update

As part of my regular updates, I have updated all the prices and scores below. As you would expect, review counts have gone up. Most companies have dropped in score slightly with the exception being Emma which is now equal to Simba in its rating.

Both Emma and Simba have increased their trial lengths to 200-days. While not quite as good as Nectar, this reduces their unique selling point.

I have also now added warranty information. Memory foam bed in the box mattresses are nearly always 10-years vs 5 years or less of pocket spring mattresses. However, there are two stands out companies, Nectar with their lifetime warranty, and Rem Fit with 15 years. The caveat here is that while a company may offer 10-year warranty there is no guarantee you will get good customer service, most companies send out an inspector to check the mattress and if it doesn’t fall in their remit for replacement they won’t replace it.

It is also worth looking at Amazon for listings, as you may get a better buy than directly from the company.

Memory foam bed in a box review comparison:

  King Size Double Trustpilot Reviews Rating Warranty Trial Period
Simba 749 599 18873 4.5 10-years 200
Emma 699 649 13844 4.5 10-years 200
Nectar 799 699 7198 4.3 Life time 365
Eve 699 599 6847 4.5 10-years 100
Otty 649 549 6220 4.5 10-years 100
Casper 700 600 5986 4.3 10-years 100
Rem Fit 699 649 1012 4.5 15-years 100
SleepHubs formerly Tweak Slumber 995 895 368 4.1 10-years 100
Leesa 750 650 1494 4.4 10-years 100
Janda 629 599 N/A N/A 10-years 100
Ministry of Sleep N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

[Date published 2019-06-15]

[Updated 2020-11-27] Updated reviews and added Black Friday information

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