Why Is Having A Website Important Now

If you have a traditional bricks and mortar business the Coronavirus could bankrupt you.

Trawling from shop to shop has been a thing of the past for many years as supermarkets started to become a one stop shop for everything, turning high streets all over the country into ghost towns.


Over the last decade or so the Internet has been the first place people look when buying near enough anything and everything.

Being able to shop from the comfort of your armchair and with a few clicks of a mouse or a tap of  a finger, have products delivered to your door is revolutionary.


Even more than then–because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic–and the need for social distancing, more and more people are shopping online.

Will it end..

Is this just a trend that has been brought on by the current circumstances?

Can you afford to wait to find out?

What Wight Hosting Offers

Wight Hosting offers several ways to get online depending on your personal preferences.


In each of the above you own the site and the domain is registered in your name, meaning you are free to build any sort of website without incurring further costs from Wight Hosting. This is not necessary the case with some of the popular providers like Wix and Squarespace who tie you into their services and charge extra for some site functionality that comes at no cost from Wight Hosting.

Time's Money

Have you got the time to build your own site?

Back in the early days of the Internet everyone viewed websites on desktop computers, now the majority of people are using mobile devices that have a range of screen sizes that have to be catered for by websites. This is no easy task if you are not familiar with the various programming languages that make up a website. 

Even with the drag and drop builders that are commonly used to build sites, there is a learning curve to overcome to get your site looking how you want it. 

Of course once it’s built the work doesn’t stop there. You need to add regular content, drive traffic to the site, as well as keep the site secure and up to date.

Never Need To See A Line Of Code

Wight Hosting offers to flatten the learning curve and the work load by building the foundations of your site, keeping it up to date and secure and leaving you to only have to worry about adding content which is done through a simple word processor and form filling system.

With your choice of colours and branding style you get a website up and running in less time than it would take you if you were to do everything yourself. 

Sounds Expensive

For a full ecommerce site, most web designers charge anywhere between £500 to £1200 for the actual website. They also charge an hourly rate for keeping the site up to date and secure. On  top of that you will need to spend another £60 or so a year for a domain and hosting package. 

Wight Hosting does all that and ongoing training for £250 a year. 

  • Site built
  • Domain registered
  • Site hosted
  • Site maintained and kept secure
  • Ongoing training on how to use the site

This is a bespoke service offered by Wight Hosting and there is only room for 100 clients

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