YouTube Connected TV Viewing and Advertising in the US [Infographic]

One of the most significant video trends of the past few years has been the adoption of digital channels on our home TV sets, with more and more people now watching content from platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max streamed directly to the largest screen in their house.

Reaching people’s TV sets has long been considered the top ad outreach option, but also, one of the most expensive. That’s kept it out of reach for the majority of brands – but now, with people viewing more YouTube content on their TV sets, that’s becoming a more viable, and potentially valuable consideration, with YouTube adding more tools and options to cater to this usage.

So how many people are actually watching YouTube on their home TV sets?

Check out this new report from eMarketer and media services and technology company Sightly, which provides an overview of some key OTT consumption trends, which could change your approach to digital advertising in 2021.

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