12 Tips for Hashtag Challenge Ideas on TikTok [Infographic]

Hashtag challenges are an essential element of TikTok, providing inspiration for users to create their own takes on trending content, and take part in broader shifts.

They’ve become so big that they’ve even passed a key social media milestone – they’ve been cloned by Instagram, which means that they must be gaining real traction. 

But more than just an engagement tool for regular users, businesses can also utilize hashtag challenges to expand their branding efforts on the platform. It’s not a given – it’s difficult to know what will resonate and catch on, and what’ll fall flat. But hashtag challenges do provide another consideration for marketers on TikTok, which, used well, can be huge for growing brand awareness and reach.

To help with this, TikTok recently published this listing of tips on how businesses can create their own hashtag challenges on the platform.

As noted by TikTok:

You’ve probably seen it for yourself: a well-executed Branded Hashtag Challenge that has generated a ton of buzz and user engagement. You might’ve even thought, “Let’s do one of those!” But the question is…where to begin?”

The below prompts provide inspiration on this front, which may help to get you thinking about your TikTok approach. 

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