4 Tips for Creating a Shop on Facebook and Instagram [Infographic]

Have you looked into creating a Facebook and/or Instagram shop yet?

The option, announced back in May, is not available to all just yet, but it could provide a great way to encourage direct purchases while users browse through their social feeds, adding another element to the process.

And while it might take a while to catch on, it could easily become a habitual behavior. Once users grow more accustomed to being able to purchase items from social posts, that could quickly become an expectation, and those businesses that fail to keep up may well fall behind.

As such, it’s worth investigating the option – you can read more about Facebook Shops, and the requirements for your own, here.

To provide some additional guidance, Facebook has provided four key tips for setting up your Facebook/Instagram shop. You can view the original video overview here, but we’ve put together this infographic of the key notes.

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