6 Tips for Measuring LinkedIn Campaign Performance [Infographic]

LinkedIn has shared a downloadable six-step checklist to help marketers with their LinkedIn ad campaigns.

“Whether you’re new to digital advertising or a marketing pro, this checklist will set you up for success and unlock additional areas for optimization.”

The document can be used as a high-level checklist alone, or you can use it to explore the wide offering of LinkedIn ads guides and learning tools. For each point listed, you’ll find corresponding links to educational resources. You can also visit LinkedIn’s Ad Tips Resource Center to find everything you need to know about building powerful ads.

One important reminder found on the checklist is to “conduct weekly analytical assessments.”

LinkedIn cautions against trying to measuring ROI without giving your campaign enough time to run. “It will likely take some time for the full impact of your efforts to be seen, given the complexity of today’s buyer journey.”

Keeping an eye on your campaign is important, but don’t fear a slow start. One week is the minimum time LinkedIn suggests you wait before analyzing results. Use this weekly checklist as a guide to managing your ad once launched.

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