A Small Business Guide to TikTok [Infographic]

Have you considered the potential of TikTok for your digital marketing efforts?

Even if you don’t think it’s a perfect fit, you’ve no doubt given it some thought. The platform is now on track to surpass a billion users in 2021, which would put it on par with Instagram for reach, and its enduring popularity, particularly among younger audiences, has got a lot more marketers tuning into the latest TikTok trends, and trying to gauge whether there is a fit.

Indeed, a recent survey conducted by SkyNova found that TikTok is the platform that business owners currently want to crack the most, as they seek new ways to boost their online presence, and connect with potential customers.

If that sounds like you, then this infographic will help. The team from ZenBusiness have put together a comprehensive overview of all the key elements you need to consider in building a brand presence on the platform. 

There’s a heap to take in and consider in your planning – check out the full infographic below.

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