Airthings View Plus Smart Air Monitor Launched – Now with PM2.5 vs Wave Plus making it an excellent alternative to the popular IQAir Air Visual Air

I reviewed the Airthings Wave Plus a couple of years ago; it was one of my first experiences of indoor air quality monitoring and I was impressed with what it offered. Last year I became more interested in Indoor Air Quality as part of my long quest to be as healthy as fit as possible. I have always had a few issues with breathing as well as hayfever, and addressing the quality of the air in my home has made quite a bit of difference. For me, the biggest contributor to my breathing issues seems to be particulate matter, which, as the name suggests, is all the physical particles that float around in the air. This can be dust, pollen, bacteria, and basically anything other than gas. One major contributor to particulate matter, especially in my house, is cooking. Frying things is the biggest contributor. Since monitoring air quality via my Dyson, I have made a conscious effort to reduce this issue, and it does help a lot. Air Things View Plus Now, Airthings have launched their latest IAQ monitor making it one of the most thorough solutions on the market. The new Air Things View Plus retains the radon […]

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