Are refurbished iPhones worth buying?

There are lots of discussions around buying a refurbished phone and what its quality may be like. The assumption people may have is that the company receives a second hand device, fixes any visible damages, and then just factory resets the phone to then sell on.

We can assure you, a lot more happens in the refurbishment process. In short, phones are checked against lost and stolen databases, have data wipes, battery health checks, diagnostic checks, replacement of parts, cleaning and polishing, more diagnostic checks, hard factory reset and then packaged for resale. It even comes with a warranty!

5 reasons you might buy a refurbished iPhone

  1. You are prone to breaking your phone – some of us, unfortunately, have no luck when it comes to phones. You’re either losing them, dropping them down the toilet or smashing the screen one way or another!
  1. You are buying for an older relative – lots of us buy phones for our loved ones so we can keep in contact and check in with them. An older model of a phone that is a few years old will suit them well when new, modern features aren’t needed so buying a refurbished model will reduce the cost to buy outright too.
  1. It’s going to be a first phone – children these days are going to want an up-to-date mobile phone for their first ever mobile. Something they can show off to their friends at school. A refurbished model is a great option which your kid will love and it will cost you a lot less than buying new whilst they practice being responsible for a mobile device!
  1. You aren’t fussed about having the latest model – if you’re one who doesn’t have to have the latest model and are quite happy with an iPhone that is a few years old, then a refurbished model might be better for you.
  1. You’re saving money – you might want one of the latest models of iPhones but refuse to pay the hefty price tag that comes with it and want to stay on a sim-only contract.

How do I know the phone has been refurbished and is not just second hand?

The best option here is to buy from a reputable supplier, such as WeSellTek, who specialises in selling refurbished iPhones. They have their own refurbishment processes they stick to to ensure the highest quality. Refurbished phones from a supplier will come with a warranty, unlike used phones you may purchase from second hand websites.

The iPhone warranty will give you certain rights which will allow you to get your phone repaired and parts replaced within a set time frame. If you are unsure, it’s always good to do your own research and check out company reviews before going ahead to purchase any phone.

How much are refurbished iPhones?

The price of refurbished phones differ considerably and this is based on the quality of the device. It will either be highlighted with either fair, good, very good and pristine and the price reflects this. Retailers of refurbished phones are likely to be honest about the phone’s condition as they can be liable if they have provided incorrect information. They normally have the grading criteria available so you can see the quality of phone you’re expecting.

Should I buy a refurbished iPhone?

You should consider buying a refurbished iPhone if you are accident-prone with your mobiles, are wanting to save money or are buying for an older relative or even as a first mobile for a child. If you are one for buying the latest tech and like to keep moving with the times, then a refurbished iPhone probably isn’t for you. 

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