Benefits of a keyboard smartphone in 2020

Keyboard smartphones have been around since the dawn of creation in the smartphone world and in their prime were the tool of choice for businessmen and women all over the world. In the past 18 months we have seen a ton of innovation from new form factors entering the market i.e. foldables, the clamshell and flip phones so does this mean we are all tired of the single slab of glass? Though they are not as widely used as they once were, there has been a notable resurgence with new keyboard smartphones. The F(x)tec Pro1-X, Planet Computers Astro Slide, and the upcoming Blackberry are all devices that will enter the market in 2021. It looks like the demand for keyboard smartphones still remains strong and for good reason. 

People no longer only use their phones just for keeping in touch with friends and family and scrolling through social media. The new way of life in 2020 has emphasised just how important it is for people to be able to work from home as well as on the go, being able to do so from your smartphone is of increasing importance.

Let’s take the F(x)tec’s Pro1 & Pro1-X, as this is without a doubt the most popular keyboard smartphone of choice at the moment. Its unique slider mechanism completely transforms the touchscreen device into a fully functioning horizontal keyboard smartphone, allowing users to choose between the virtual or the physical keyboard. 

Such keyboard smartphones are super useful in 2020 for so many reasons: 

Accuracy and precision

Physical keyboards give more accuracy than a virtual keyboard because you have to be much more precise when physically pressing each letter, or function (Shift or Ctrl), which means fewer mistakes are made. It is much easier to make a typo using a virtual keyboard because of autocorrect, which isn’t ideal when it comes to responding to those all important work emails!

Keyboard shortcuts 

Physical keyboards help users to save time and be more productive. Using everyone’s favorite keyboard shortcuts i.e. Ctrl C and Ctrl V, it is much easier to work on excel spreadsheets or edit documents from your smartphone. 

You don’t have to compromise screen size in landscape

With the slider open, you can type using the physical keyboard without compromising your screen size. So no screen space is taken up using a virtual keyboard. This makes working on the go, editing word documents of spreadsheets much easier, as you can actually see what you are working on!


Not only do keyboard smartphones make it easier to type without the virtual keyboard taking up half the screen, but it also allows for the optimum split screen multitasking experience. 


Physical keyboards take mobile gaming to the next level. Whether you’re playing Asphalt9 from the Play Store, or using Emulators including Dolphin, Drastic and RetroArch, the angled slider and full physical keyboard makes it the perfect for gaming, and the keys can be configured to gamepad buttons or direction controls within each emulator. 

Whether you use your keyboard smartphone to stay productive and work on the go, or you just want more accuracy and precision when it comes to editing documents, messaging friends, playing mobile games or accessing terminals on the go. Keyboard smartphones can give you the best of both smartphone experiences.

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