BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 Dual Dynamic Driver Wireless Earbuds Review

BlitzWolf is a brand I have covered a few times now, and
seem to be growing in popularity. They specialise in affordable audio products
and accesses. They are a bit like a cheaper alternative to Anker, with the
quality reflected in the price, that’s not to say they are bad, for the money
they have been good.

The Blitzwolf BW-FYE1 I formally reviewed, have until recently, been my main pair of gym earphones, now replaced by the Groov-e SoundBuds.

Recently I have been checking out the ambiguously named BlitzWolf
Dual Dynamic Drivers Wireless Earbuds which appear to have the model name BW-FYE7

These wirefree earbuds cost just £33.98, and at the moment you can apply a £7 off voucher making these just £26.98 which is exceptionally cheap.

Last updated on 20th July 2019 5:59 am

Even though they are very
cheap, the specification is decent:

  • Dual dynamic drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0 chipset offers fast and stable
    transmission without tangling.
  • Pick up 2 earbuds from the charging case and
    will be automatically powered on and paired. Just press the multi-function
    button to volume up/down, play/pause, wake up Siri, answer/reject call, hang
    up, switch next/previous songs.
  • BW-FYE7 wireless earbuds can last for over
    4-hours playtime on a single charge. While on the go charging case, it can last
    up to 16 hours.
  • IPX4 water-resistant protection, BW-FYE7
    wireless earbuds is resistant to sweat, the best match for you to enjoy music
    while you are running or in the gym.

Build and Design

The design of these is a bit strange design, but
functionally they are not really any different to other, brands.  The earpiece sticks out quite a distance, so
these don’t fit as flush inside your ear as other brands.

Similarly, the charging case is not much different than any
other brand. However, after having difficulties with the mounting in the Groov-e
SoundBuds it is worth noting that this fit inside and charge easily.


The fit is excellent, as always with earphones, I have to
use the larger eartips. I mainly use this style of earphone at the gym, as I
find no wires reduces the risk of them breaking from sweat. In the gym, this
includes weightlifting, treadmill, cross trainer and rowing. So lots of vigorous
moving around. I have had no issues with these falling out, and the good fit helps
with the overall bass and audio quality.

Sound Quality & In Use

Sound quality is OK to good, which for the price is to be
expected. They don’t sound as good as the slightly more expensive BW-FYE1 I
previously reviewed. The issue is that they are quite bassy for some tracks and
some times the bass starts to sound a little distorted, not all the time, and
it is dependant on the track. Run The Jewels 2 was one album I noticed the bass
not performing quite as well.

Overall there is not a huge difference in sound quality between
these and the BW-FYE1.


For £26.98 it is
hard to criticise these too much, the sound quality is reasonable, fit and
comfort is decent, and build quality is good. The battery case and earphones
themselves appear to last for the advertised duration.

Personally, I would spend
the £6 extra on the BW-FYE1 variant which costs £33 after the voucher is
applied. These also have some bass distortion issues, but less so, and they are
overall a better pair of earphones in my opinion, though, overall, there is not
a huge difference between the two.

For the price they are good, in particular for my particular use, they work well, cheap bassy headphones that I can use in the gym and not get too stressed about if I lose or break them.

Last updated on 20th July 2019 5:59 am

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BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 Dual Dynamic Driver Wireless Earbuds Review

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