Everything Brands Need to Know About Clubhouse [Infographic]

Should you be considering where Clubhouse might fit into your social media marketing efforts?

The trending social app of the moment, Clubhouse has seen massive growth in recent months, even with its conservative, invite-only approach. The serendipitous connection of real-time audio provides another means to stay in touch during the pandemic, when many people are lacking those regular social cues, which could position the app to become a more relied upon engagement tool moving forward.

That is, of course, unless the larger players, like Twitter, end up stealing its audience away

Right now, it’s too early to predict what the future holds for Clubhouse, or indeed, audio social more broadly, but it is interesting to consider the implications, and where the app might be of value as a marketing and brand communication channel.

To provide some perspective on this, the team from Branex recently put together this overview of the Clubhouse opportunity for brands, along with a range of other usage stats.

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