Facebook Announces New Features and Support Initiatives for Pride Month

June is Pride Month, and Facebook has announced a range of new in-app features and tools to help users participate in the event, as well as new support initiatives to help provide guidance and advice for the LGBTQ+ community.

First off, Facebook has added a range of new celebratory features in its main app, including post backgrounds, custom avatars and stickers for both News Feed posts and Facebook Stories.

Facebook’s also added a new, colorful, animated Pride logo in the app, which was designed by Berlin-based artist Jasmina El Bouamraoui.

Facebook Pride logo

Over on Instagram, the platform has also added a range of new stickers for feed posts and Stories, while it’s also bringing back rainbow hashtags for the event.

Instagram Pride Month

As you can see here, when you use a Pride-related hashtag on your posts, it will switch to a rainbow text display on the published post, while you’ll also see a rainbow-colored ring around your Instagram Stories when you add the same hashtags into your Stories frames.

In addition to this, Facebook’s also launching a custom hashtag feed for #Pride which will showcase content from related groups, publishers and public figures, while it’s also adding new Pride backgrounds and chat themes on both Messenger and Messenger Kids. 

Facebook’s also looking to support LGBTQ+ owned businesses, with curated #Pride collections in both Facebook and Instagram, which will showcase themed offers and products: 

“For example, you can discover limited-edition face decals by Euphoria makeup artist Donni Davy in collaboration with Face Lace, with a portion of proceeds going to Trans Lifeline and an exclusive Dragun Beauty ‘Pride Pack’ by Nikita Dragun – both available with in-app checkout.

Facebook’s new Live Shopping Fridays initiative will also take on a Pride focus, with events featuring products from LGBTQ+ founder brands, and promoting support of relevant initiatives.

Facebook’s also looking to provide additional support for LGBTQ+ communities by partnering with a range of NGOs and experts to share mental health resources, and showcase inclusive Facebook communities. 

“In Poland, people can follow these conversations on the Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH) NGO page and in LGBTQ+ groups. And in Germany, we’re partnering with Pride Berlin to launch a Messenger chatbot with information about LGBTQ+ communities and inspiring creators, as well as NGOs that offer counseling.”

Pride Month is an important opportunity to show support for marginalized communities – and for Facebook in particular, that’s a key point, given that it now manages the largest connected collection of humans in history. It’s important that everybody feels welcome, and supported within the company’s apps, while Facebook also provides the best opportunity for the general public to show their support for people from all communities, which can help to further address concerns around inclusion and acceptance.

Indeed, Facebook further notes that more than 25 million people on Facebook are now part of at least one of the 34,000 public groups that support LGBTQ+ people. 

Given this, Pride Month is a key opportunity to address these key concerns, and underline support for all members of the community.

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