Facebook Expands Access to its Community Manager Certification Courses

Back in October, at its annual Communities Summit, Facebook announced a new Community Management Certification course, in order to provide group admins with a means to both maximize their skills and get official recognition for such, helping them to get the most out of the group management experience.

Now, Facebook is expanding access to its Community Manager certification program, with the course being made available in Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai, in addition to the original English language version.

As per Facebook:

“Online communities help people connect with each other to gain a sense of belonging and communicate with peers who have shared interests. Whether it’s for a brand or a nonprofit, having a community manager that is skilled in best practices is an important part of building and maintaining a community that enhances connections and meets an organization’s community goals.”

That’s become a bigger focus over the last year, with more people turning to Facebook groups for support and assistance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, last month, Facebook shared that over 1.8 billion people are active within its groups every month, while there are also now more than 70 million people leading these groups as admins and moderators.

That’s a huge amount of group leaders who may well be looking to up their community-building skills, and as noted, Facebook’s certification course could be a key way to help those people maximize such efforts, while also giving them an official listing to reflect that knowledge and experience.

As time goes on, community building is becoming a more recognized skill, and Facebook’s certification is one means of listing this on resumes and in relevant job applications. Maybe not all employers will see it this way, but it is a skill, and one that’s increasingly in demand.

As such, making the course available in more languages is a good move by The Social Network.

You can learn more about Facebook’s Community Manager Certification Program here.

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