Facebook Launches New Enhancements for Automotive Inventory Ads

Last year, Facebook launched its new Automotive Inventory ads, which enable auto dealers to reach prospective car buyers through automated ads, generated based on their uploaded product catalog and based on Facebook’s advanced targeting tools.

And now, Facebook’s looking to enhance its Auto Inventory ads option with additional mobile optimization features, providing more ways to reach car shoppers via Facebook ads.

As explained by Facebook:

“Today we’re launching the ability to drive automotive inventory ads to a mobile-optimized shopping experience on the Facebook platform. When a shopper clicks on an auto dealer’s ad, they’ll land on a dynamic Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) on Facebook that’s created using information from the dealer’s auto catalog. From this VDP, shoppers can research vehicles, discover additional inventory and connect directly with dealers via Facebook Messenger, lead form, phone call or by visiting a dealership in person.”

As you can see, the new ads, which are featured in various Facebook discovery surfaces, connect users through to an on-Facebook information page, which then connects them direct to the dealer via message.

The option essentially utilizes more of a dealers’ uploaded information to create a customized, engaging experience, which helps guide car shoppers through the process by highlighting available feature options and other details on Facebook, instead of linking them to another website.

In some ways, the experience is like Facebook’s Instant Articles, in that it’s more responsive because it’s built into Facebook itself, as opposed to referring users to a dealer site. That can also have negatives in reduced audience data, but the more interactive, engaging experience ideally makes up for any potential reduction in referral traffic info.

Facebook says that it’s seen good results with the option in testing: 

“On average, driving ads to an on-Facebook destination reduced cost-per-lead by 82% and cost-per-content view by 17% versus a website destination. 55% of people are also not willing to wait for a web page to load when shopping. Drive them to a mobile-optimized VDP on the Facebook app instead and qualify leads in real-time via Facebook Messenger or lead form.”

In addition to this, Facebook says the option enables auto sellers to access to premium ad slots “which reach high-intent auto shoppers at the top of the Marketplace vehicle feed”.

It could be a good option to consider for auto dealers, particularly if your own website is not as responsive as it could be. And with more car shoppers looking for information and deals on Facebook, providing all the information in one place could be a better way to engage those looking to buy, and maximize your opportunities.

You can read more about the new Automotive Inventory Ad tools here.

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