Facebook Launches New ‘Social Skills’ Business Tips Video Series

Facebook is launching a new, seven-part video series which aims to provide social media managers with the skills and insights they need to maximize their performance.

As explained by Facebook, the new series will interview a range of social media experts, who’ve built their businesses on Facebook’s platforms, who will each share their knowledge as to how to boost response, maximize engagement and build communities.

The first episode in the series features Sana Javeri Kadri, the founder and CEO of Diaspora Co., a direct-to-consumer spice brand “that focuses on equitable business practice and sharing the history and significance of the spices”. 

Kadri’s key tips for social media success are:

1. Invest in your photography and brand visuals – “If your Instagram is your storefront, you want your storefront to look good.” 

2. Let your audience inform your content – Kadri says she gleaned more insight into what her audience wanted by asking questions in her post comments. 

3. Make your social media posts shoppable with Facebook and Instagram Shops – Linking your content story into your products can help enhance connection with consumers.

These are some good tips, and there may well be more in the further videos in the series. You can catch all the videos on the Facebook for Business Page.

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