Facebook Provides Ad Placement Tips in Latest ‘Social Skills’ Video

Facebook recently launched a new video series called ‘Social Skills’ which aims to provide social media managers with the skills and insights they need to maximize their promotional performance.

Each video interview includes real world insights into how businesses have utilized Facebook’s ad tools to boost their brand. And there are some great pointers – even if you’re confident that you know Facebook’s systems, you’re likely to take on a couple of notes.

The third video in the series includes performance marketing tips from Jolene Sim, the Director of MOB, a digital marketing agency serving brands throughout Asia. Sim has been running ad campaigns for over a decade, and she shares her key notes on effective ad placement.

Sim’s key tips are:

1. Buy ads that align with your business goals – Ensure you have a definitive outcome in mind for each campaign.

2. Try Messenger ads – Sim says that Messenger ads can be a great way to build personal connection with cusomers, and can often include automated elements to lessen the workload in response. 

3. Use dynamic ads to test out different sets of creative – Lastly, Sim advises that brands consider Facebook’ dynamic ads, which automatically show the right products to people who have expressed interest in your brand.

As noted, there have been some great tips thus far in the series, and it’s worth tuning into the short video clips to see what these brand experts have to say.

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