Facebook Provides Free Education on Facebook Pixel, Video Ads and More

Facebook’s ‘Summer of Support’ business training and insights program is entering its final weeks, and this week’s sessions cover a range of helpful elements for businesses, including Facebook’s evolving eCommerce options, how to utilize the Facebook Pixel for data tracking, creating better videos ads, and more.

Here’s what’s on the agenda this week:

  • Moving Forward – Join Marcus Lemonis, Host of the hit TV show “The Profit,” in a discussion on how to use resources you already have in place to boldly re-enter the post-COVID-19 world and thrive.
  • Purchasing Power to the Masses – Get a glimpse into how new commerce tools are delivering more purchasing power to customers, while providing businesses new ways to build lasting customer relationships.
  • Unsung Heroes: Vertex Effects – Mason Marangell, owner of Vertex Effects, is building his guitar effects pedals brand inexpensively through constantly optimizing his content messaging, based on his Facebook and Instagram data. He’s transitioned his staff into makers, who know how to create content that speaks authentically to enthusiasts.
  • Build Your Audience Using Facebook Pixel – The Facebook pixel lets you measure, optimize and build advertising audiences that visit your website from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network ads. Learn how to set up and utilize the Facebook pixel on your business website.
  • Boost My Business With Tan France: Basepaws – Instagram’s native camera app has a variety of features to create and enhance your photos and videos. Join Tan and Facebook Creative Strategist Frances Smith as they visit Segundo, CA to help Anna Skaya, founder of the cat DNA testing company Basepaws, build videos ads that drive online sales using just a mobile phone and the Instagram app.

The session on the Facebook Pixel may be particularly beneficial to businesses not familiar with data tracking and building audience profiles based on such, while each session has specific benefit and insight that could be of significant value for your business.

What’s more, you can view all of the Summer of Support sessions that have already run via the Boost with Facebook website (you do need to log on via Facebook).

With many businesses looking to expand their digital presence in light of the COVID-19 shutdowns, these sessions can provide some crucial, valuable tips that will help you make best use of Facebook to maintain connection with your customers, and ideally, keep your revenue flowing despite the restrictions.

And even if you’re a seasoned social media pro, it’s worth taking a look at what’s on offer here, as there’s a range of expert insights that can add to your understanding.

You can access all of Facebook’s ‘Summer of Support’ sessions here

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