Facebook Provides Tips and a Template for an Effective Content Calendar

Facebook has published a new set of tips on how to create an effective social media content calendar, while it’s also provided a basic content calendar template to help you get started on mapping out your strategy.

Facebook says that the basic the three elements you need to note as part of an effective content calendar are:

  • When to post
  • What to post
  • Where to post

For many, these are likely obvious, but some still miss out on factoring in the right elements that will enable them to be more efficient in their social media planning by using a calendar listing.

Of course, these are also easier said than done. In order to ensure optimal performance, you can’t just make up when to post, for example, you need to know when your audience is going to be most responsive.

There are various tools for this – on Facebook, the listing in your Page Insights, on the ‘Posts’ tab, will show you when the majority of your fans are active online, which can be a good starting point.

You can also use reports like Sprout Social’s recent overview of when people are online as a guide – but ultimately it comes down to experimentation and seeing what response you get.

The same goes for what to post – research and experimentation with what your audience wants is required, while where to post will come down to the specific audience that you’re trying to reach. 

Additional experimentation aside, once you have an idea of these elements, you can then list them in a calendar – and Facebook has provided this template to get you started.

Facebook content calendar template

The template is actually part of the Facebook Blueprint education course on effective content calendar creation, which you can take here if you’re looking for more insight.  

Effective social media marketing requires a level of consistency, and by mapping out your approach, you can ensure that you stay on track, while also adding a level of accountability, and transparency to your process, which will help if you ever need to hand over to another person. 

Having an established, repeatable process will better enable you to refine your approach, and measure your results – and a calendar will definitely help in this respect.

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