Facebook Publishes New Guide to Running Effective Live-Stream Events

Facebook has published a new guide on how to use live video to run more effective company events, with a specific focus on the live video functionality within Facebook Workplace, and how its professional platform tools can provide more options for improviong remote working processes.

As explained by Facebook:

“Today, more companies are adopting Live video and solutions that empower them to overcome current internal communication gaps. They’re even using Live video to improve employee wellbeing and to build a sense of community which you can find out more about in this toolkit.”

The 10-page guide covers 6 key elements:

So, clearly the focus is on Workplace, and the video tools available within the app. But even so, the specific tips here are relevant to video connection and events more broadly, and could help provide guidance in your process, even if you’re not on the Workplace platform.

Facebook provides an in-depth overview of each element, including tips and notes on how to maximize live video in your connection process.

Facebook Workplace video guide

Again, the basic gist of the tips applies to any live-streamed event – and while most of the notes are likely as you would expect, there are some worthy reminders and tips in here that could help in your planning, and ensure you tick off all the boxes for your live-streams.

If you’re looking at running a live-stream for your business – internally or externally – it may be worth a look to refresh yourself on all the key elements, and ensure that you’re covering your bases.

You can download Facebook’s ‘6 Steps to Use Live Video for Effective Company Events’ guide here. 

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