Facebook Shares Insights into Key Topics of Discussion Across Facebook and Instagram in Q1

Facebook has published its latest Topics to Watch report, which highlights the biggest rising topics of discussion, based on total mention volume, across both Facebook and Instagram, providing insight into trends that could help to focus your marketing plan.

Facebook used to publish monthly Topics to Watch updates, but now, it’s switched to quarterly reports, while it’s also giving Instagram more specific focus, with two key subjects from each of its major platforms.

As explained by Facebook:

Our quarterly feature “Topics to Watch” highlights topics of conversation on Facebook and Instagram that have shown early growth patterns similar to other topics that have sustained growth. Meaning, we cover emerging long-term trends as opposed to celebrities or current events that might pop in a particular month. Based on our own analysis and research of similar data patterns, we predict that these topics are likely to continue to grow.”

In the past, using this methodology, Facebook’s data team has been able to highlight a range of key trends that went on to become major shifts, so it’s worth noting the topics highlighted in your planning.

Here’s what Facebook has found in its latest report.

First off, on Facebook, ‘Travel Photography’ is having a moment.

As you can see, with travel slowly becoming an option once again, people are keen to get out of their COVID hovels and see the broader world.

As explained by Facebook:

“In light of pandemic travel restrictions and lockdowns both nationwide and worldwide, people now have a deeper appreciation for being able to travel. And as people begin to go on their next adventure, they’re looking to capture the big – and small – moments and share these photographs on social channels.”

The charts above show the rising mention volume for ‘Travel Photography’ and related terms, while the bar graph shows which demographics are most actively engaged in the discussion.

In addition to this, ‘Streetwear’ is also a focus.

Facebook Trends Q1

“During the pandemic, streetwear has become increasingly appealing with its blend of comfort and style. As the US reopens, people are bringing some pandemic hobbies, habits and fashions with them, and streetwear seems likely to stick around.”

That could provide some valuable indicators for fashion brands, and really, any business looking to conduct an upcoming photoshoot with models.

On Instagram, ‘All-inclusive resorts’ are seeing a rise in interest.

Facebook Trends Q1

Facebook says that ‘all-inclusive resorts’ have become a popular choice for travelers looking to go on vacation without the hassle.

“With all accommodations, meals, drinks and entertainment available at the resort, many feel that all-inclusive resorts are a safer option as they book their next trip.”

You can see here that older users, in particular, are interested in this option.

And finally, Instagram users are also looking to adopt a more ‘body positive’ approach.

Facebook Trends Q1

The Body Positive Movement is helping people reevaluate their relationship with their bodies and feel welcomed and accepted during a time of uncertainty.”

Which is interesting in the context of Instagram, which has increasingly become a home for airbrushed, filtered and highly edited versions of yourself. Now, we may be seeing the tide shift, with more people looking to get back to realistic depictions of how people actually look – which could be a positive in a range of ways.

As noted, Facebook’s Topics to Watch updates provide valuable insight into what’s trending, which could help guide your social media marketing strategy and approach, with new angles to consider in your framing.

These topics may or may not resonate with your unique audience, but they could be worth experimenting with, based on your target demographic, to see if they help to build community and boost response.

You can read Facebook’s full ‘Topics to Watch’ report for Q1 2021 here

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