Facebook Shares New Insights into Emerging Trends in eCommerce and Digital Engagement [Infographic]

This year looks set to present a whole new way of looking at things, as we push through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and consider the future impacts on how we interact, engage, and importantly for marketers, how we shop and respond to brand messaging.

But what exactly are people now looking for, and what are they responding to in terms of online interaction and brand outreach?

To glean some insight into key, evolving shifts, Facebook recently commissioned Ipsos to survey 12,500 people, aged 18–64, across 14 global markets. They’ve translated those findings into new regional reports on emerging trends – you can download reports for Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the US, Vietnam, the UK, and India 

Facebook has also published a global overview of the key data points, which we’ve incorporated into the below infographic.

There are some good, valuable data points of note here, looking at eCommerce, AR, online groups, etc. 

Check out the graphic below.

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