Facebook Shares New Insights into Gen Z, and How COVID-19 has Changed Their Outlook [Infographic]

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had wide-reaching impacts, with older people statistically the most susceptible to the virus itself, younger people, are also seeing significant shifts in their educational and career trajectory, which could have long-lasting effects.

As noted by Facebook:

“For Gen Zers, the COVID-19 pandemic has struck at a particularly formative time, disrupting educational journeys, career opportunities and more. Yet many Gen Zers seem to be weathering it in a way that leaves them transformed, stronger – energized around who they are, what they stand for and what drives them.”

Indeed, the societal changes happening as a result of COVID-19 seems to have reinforced many traits already evident in younger demographic cohorts, including increased awareness of causes, and the impacts on various aspects of society. And that could alter the way marketers look to connect with these audiences, in order to maximize brand messaging and better link into significant shifts.

To provide more insight on this, Facebook recently analyzed survey responses from over 15,000 people to get a better understanding of how Gen Z is responding to the pandemic, and what that means for advertising and outreach. You can read Facebook’s full “Meet the Future: Gen Z’s Regeneration” report here, but the key data points are summarized in the graphic below.

Some valuable insight for your planning.  

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