Facebook’s Updating its Ad Preferences Hub to Make it Easier to Control Your Personal Ad and Data Settings

Facebook is planning to roll out a new update of its Ad Preferences tool which will simplify the listings into three defined categories, and provide more insight into how any changes you make to such will impact your on-platform experience.

As outlined by Facebook’s Rob Leathern, the new update will clarify what users can control, and how each specific element relates.

“Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out a redesigned Ad Preferences. None of the transparency and controls are going away, but now it’ll be easier to navigate.”

As you can see in the above screenshots, the listings will be split into specific sections for:

  • Advertisers – Provides insight into specific advertisers, and ads you’ve been shown
  • Ad Topics – Enables you to see which topics Facebook thinks you’re interested in, and to opt out of any categories
  • Data – Displays how Facebook gathers data about you for ad targeting, which you can also choose to remove from consideration within this listing

These tools are already available within the current Ad Preferences listings, but the new format will make it easier to control each specific element, and understand what any changes you make will have, with more detailed descriptions on each, outlining its part in the broader process.

Facebook has been working to provide users with more control option on the ads they’re shown, and the data they share, by adding in more transparency measures and options to the Ad Preferences dashboard. 

Back in January, Facebook added more detail on how advertisers are targeting you, based on third-party data tracking and other means, giving users even more capacity to understand how the system works, and how they can manage such. 

This new update will make it easier again for people to maintain full control over their data – though Facebook could still do more to prompt users to check such regularly, in order to keep your preferences up to date, and to raise awareness of the various options available.

The new Ad Preferences layout will be launched in the next few months.

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