Garmin Edge 1030 Plus coming – What’s different vs Edge 1030 & 830

An eagle eye Reddit user has noticed a new product listing from the Garmin website, unfortunately in the 2 hours since the post was made the product page has already been taken down.

The user claims that the device has a 5-8 week processing time.

The device has been expected for a while now, and yesterday and FCC application was made referencing the Edge 1030 plus.

So far the only information revealed is that the 1030 Plus is the same as the Edge 1030 in size and resolution, but it is black, not white and weighs one gram less. The Plus has a 24-hour battery vs up to 20. It has double the storage (32 GB) but no sd expansion. It has MTB dynamics, trail forks integration, daily workout suggestions, incident assistance, bike alarm.

However, there is not much difference in features when you compare it to the Edge 830. Apart from the larger screen size, the Edge 1030 has a superior battery and (24hr vs up to 20 hr) and the Daily workout suggestions.

The big selling point for the existing 1030 is its large 3.5-inch display running at 282 x 470 pixels. In comparison, the Edge 830 has a 2.6-inch display running at 246 x 322 pixels.

Previous plus models take features from the model sitting above them, however, with the Edge 1030 already sitting at the top it is a little early to tell exactly what else could be included.

There is obviously no word on pricing yet but the current Garmin Edge 1030 is £415 with an RRP of £499 and the Garmin Edge 830 is £329.

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