Google Adds ‘Curbside Pick-Up’ Notifications on Business Listings to Facilitate Contact-Free Options

In order to help facilitate contact-free shopping options amid COVID-19, Google has added a new ‘curbside pickup’ listing option for businesses, via both local inventory ads and Google My Business profiles.

As you can see in the left screenshot above, businesses can now access a new ‘Curbside Pickup’ label that will be added to local inventory ads for relevant businesses in the top feed. That could help attract more business, and facilitate related queries without users having to click through on the ad, providing another promotional element.

Google says that the option is currently in beta, and available to advertisers in the regions where local inventory ads have launched, and who’ve completed the onboarding for store pickup.

If you’re not running local inventory ads, you can still add a curbside pick-up listing via your Google My Business profile, which will then be displayed in Search and Maps (right example above). This is a good, simple way to facilitate the same informational purpose, which, again, could help to meet customer demand.

Both are relatively minor additions, but as noted, they could make it easier to cater to alternate needs, and to ensure your listings stand out for customers looking to maintain social distancing requirements. 

You can read more about the new options here.  

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